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Your Thoughts Matter with Mental Health and Depression

with Special Guest Brittni Clarkson

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Hear how important your thoughts are if you deal with mental health and depression in this conversation with Brittni Clarkson.

Brittni Clarkson is a mom of three boys, the podcast host of Meant to Bloom, and the author of the Everyday Joy Planner.  She uses her own history with mental illness and depressive episodes to helps moms overcome their negative thoughts and overwhelm in order to actually enjoy motherhood.

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In this episode, you’ll hear Brittni share her story of working through mental health, depressive episodes, and suicidal thoughts. 


Fire up a fresh pot of coffee, grab a notebook and pen, and your overflowing laundry basket that is waiting to be folded. You’ll learn:

  • Making problems bigger than they are – Brittni’s lasagna story (3:11)
  • Cognitive distortions and false expectations (6:52)
  • Going full circle from self-help and personal growth to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (8:59)
  • Prioritizing your own values (11:39)
  • Keeping a thought journal for mental immunity (15:11)

Brittni is so right on the value in keeping a thought inventory.  I offer you my free “What’s in Your Word Bank Guide” that you can use as a Thought Inventory just as Brittni suggested.

Once you journal your thoughts, this FREE PDF helps you notice any patterns, negativity, lies, criticism and then guides you in replacing those thoughts with truth.

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  • The way you speak about yourself, really matters (20:29)
  • Brittni’s teenage years of insecurity, depression, and feeling as if everyone was judging her all the time (21:50)
  • Practicing gratitude (26:04)
  • Overcoming perfectionism and not letting what other people think affect you (30:52)
  • Seeing blessings instead of burdens (33:55)
  • What Brittni wishes all moms knew (36:24)
smiling lady writing notes in the journal  journaling her thoughts because your thoughts matter with mental health and depression, special guest Brittni Clarkson, Kimberly Muhtar, Renewed Mama podcast


What you believe….what you are thinking and speaking again and again like a broken record…matters more than how you respond to life and all of its challenges. 

Your default responses can be the warning sign that says, “Whoo!  Pause.  What’s going on in my heart and in my mind?  I don’t want to respond that way to my kids.  I don’t want to get so easily frustrated or annoyed.”

That’s how it was for me.  I didn’t like the mama I was.  My kids didn’t deserve a shouting, easily annoyed, highly stressed, Mama.  My husband didn’t marry a critical, judgmental, blame shifting wife.  What is going on here?  Why am I behaving like this? 

I knew that “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7 So I got serious about what I was thinking and speaking on repeat. 

I asked myself, “What am I thinking about this and what am I saying?  What does God say about this?  Is there a new belief I need to have about this that will help me to be the mama I want to be?”

And I began to renew my thoughts, my words, and in turn my responses changed. 

A Renewed Mama

I am so grateful for that journey of facing my ugly thoughts and words and feelings and forming a new, right belief system that lines up with God’s Word. 

How is your belief system?  It does not need to take you seven years like it took me to renew your thoughts, your words, and your responses.  What would it be like for you, Mama, and your family if I help you stop shouting and feeling frustrated and annoyed and overwhelmed?  What gift would you be giving your family and yourself if I help you check in with your responses and work backwards to renew your thoughts and words? 

Let’s find out.

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