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When I Require More from My Children and So Should You

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Do you require too much of your children or perhaps not enough?  Do you expect them to do things or to know things, forgetting that they are kids? 

What expectations or standards are too much or not enough for your children?

In this episode, I share when I require more from my children, and so should you. 

When I Require More from My Children and So Should You

Good Attitude

Raise your hand, Mama.  Would you rather spend all day with children who have a good attitude or a bad attitude?  We’re all raising our hand for the good attitude!

When our three children were little and bad attitudes came, went to the window or door, opened it up, and threw out the bad attitude.  We made the throwing motion with our hand and said, “Get out of here, bad attitude.  I choose joy.” This demonstrated a physical put off of a bad attitude and a putting on of joy.  Ephesians 4:22-24

Another way we encouraged good attitudes is what I had my children say when asked to do something, “Yes, Mom, I’ll be glad to” or “Yes, Dad, I’ll be glad to.” 

How is it that my children can respond with a “Yes, Mom, I’ll be glad to” when asked to take out the garbage, feed the animals, help make dinner, and fold the laundry?   Because we talk often about being a team as a family and sharing the load and caring for our home together. 

There are several Speak Life Badges sticker awards that you can give your children to help them to learn to choose a good attitude.  The badges are: I am a helper, I obey with joy,  I obey right away, and I choose joy.

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Finish the Task

You should require your children to finish the task you assign them all the way to the end even if they are little or if it requires your help. Teach them to follow the task all the way to completion. 

We all know what it feels like to come behind someone and have to complete a task that isn’t done fully, correctly, or with excellence. My children will not grow up doing only part of the work.  I am raising them to see the task through to the end, and then ask “How else may I help?”  They go the extra mile even! 

Teach your children this, too by using the Speak Life Badges sticker awards and scripts that say: I work with excellence, I am diligent,  I stayed faithful to the task, I am faithful, I am committed, and I am hardworking.

When It’s Hard, Don’t Give Up

Teach your children to push through the hard stuff because there will be hard stuff in life at any age.  Push through it without giving up, and they will see it through to the other side. 

A great example is with exercise or playing a sport.  You’re exhausted and winded.  Your legs are shaking and your arms are aching.  But you still do five or ten more lifts or squats just to prove to yourself that you can push through and do the hard stuff.  You feel stronger, better, more confident, like you can take on today’s other challenges because you pushed through and didn’t give up.

Remember this when your child is struggling in math or reading.  Care more about this character of not giving up than the math skill.  The math skill will come when your child doesn’t give up, keeps a good attitude, and keeps trying.

Give your children the Speak Life Badges:  I did not give up.  I kept trying,  I am strong,  I am persistent, and I am a winner.  I am a champion, I am courageous, and I am committed as well as It’s easy.  I’ve got this. These sticker award badges will encourage them to not give up when it’s hard.

See a Need and Do It Before Being Asked

Teach your children to take initiative, to see a need, and to do it before being asked.

Here’s an example.  Both of my girls dance.  At the end of dance in the evening, it’s my girls who stay behind and clean up after the other dancers.  They pick up popcorn and sweep up squished Bear Paws.  I never asked them to.  They took the initiative to help care for the dance studio instead of leaving it for the teachers.  I’m calling it out that my girls will be the ones chosen to be made ruler over much because they are faithful in the little.  They are seeing a need and meeting it even when no one is looking.  Yours should, too.

Use the Speak Life Badges and scripts to encourage your children to see a need and to do it before being asked.  The badges are: I am a helper, I am honoring, I am thoughtful, I am faithful, I walk in love, and I am successful.

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In what areas do you require more from your children that I should, too?  Tell me in the comments.  I’d love to hear from you.

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