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What’s in Your Word Bank?

What's in your word bank
Renewed Mama podcast with Kimberly Muhtar

We all have a word bank.

A bank of words we use each day when talking to our spouses, our children, to our coworkers, bosses, team members, neighbors, grocery store clerk, bank teller, to anyone we come in contact with…. even to the dog!

We use these words in our word bank for everything!  From this word bank comes what we think and what we say throughout the day.

If we are going to be Renewed Mamas, we must stop right here, right now and check in with the words in our word bank. What are you really thinking and saying?

It takes intention, really purposefully paying attention to the words that we speak to ourselves, our children, spouse, colleagues, students, the neighbor…even the dog.

The reality is that our words aren’t just spoken today in this moment. 

They are remembered in our thoughts when we are all alone, washing dishes, or folding laundry.    They are rehearsed as we replay situations and experiences in our minds.

They are repeated when our children stomp off to their bedrooms or sit in time out. 

Those words continue to speak in our minds and in our thoughts. So what are you thinking and saying?

If you want to intentionally, purposefully pay attention to the words that you are thinking and speaking, watch this video and print off the “What’s in Your Word Bank?” guide.

Your assignment is to be mindful…to stop and really listen to yourself….

In your thoughts…when you’re all alone or when you’re talking to your spouse or children.

When you’re searching for the lost shoe as you are rushing out the door!

As the alarm rings each morning and you don’t want to get out of bed.

When you’re done for the day and you just want to be in bed and you want the kids in bed already!

Take inventory.  What are you thinking?  What are you repeating?

Grab this free “What’s in Your Word Bank?” guide to help you take inventory of the words you are thinking and speaking.

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Before you go, let’s turn this insight into action!

When looking over what you wrote in your word bank, did you put a heart by all of the words that you should keep?  Mama, keep saying these words!  Keep what is good, true, pure words.

Then did you put an X over the words that are critical, negative, judgmental?  Reject or kick out words that hold you back, steal from your life, and keep you small. What truths will you think and speak instead?

Share in the comments below what you learned by doing this exercise. I want to hear from you!

Words are powerful.  We can change the words in our word bank.

We must change the words in our word bank if we are going to be Renewed Mamas.  Renewed in our thinking and in the words we speak.

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