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What Others are Saying About Renewed Mama Coaching

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I just healed some inner child wounds as I think about the lies that hold me back to this day. – Mandy

Kimberly is a wonderful speaker. Upbeat and insightful when speaking regarding lies we believe that damage us.  She takes us to a place where we can recognize the lies and live in truth. Engaging and energetic, it is obvious she cares about her listeners. Thank you for this method of uncovering these hard to address topics. – Heather

Kimberly and Andrew parent their children with such grace and love.  They are a wonderful example for us as parents.  Their children are an incredible influence on our kids when it comes to making great choices.  They have clearly developed character traits like honesty, self-control, kindness, and cooperation to name a few in their children.  They have challenged me in so many positive ways to be the best mom I can be.  Parenting advice from Kimberly is welcomed in my life any day.  – Caroline

Kimberly and Andrew are raising children that know they are loved. Their children believe in themselves and are genuine, thoughtful, creative, and courageous children who bring joy, belief, and calm wherever they go. – Lawrence

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