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What is Renewed Mama Coaching?

What is Renewed Mama Coaching? Meet Kimberly Muhtar, a parenting coach, podcaster, author, educator, and mother.  Don't like the mother you are but don't know how to change?  Every Mama needs a coach.   Kimberly Muhtar can help.  Christian parent coaching, positive parenting solutions

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Renewed Mama Coaching helps you transform your life and parenting one thought at a time.

Is Renewed Mama Coaching for you?

We think 60,000 thoughts per day.

Those conscious and unconscious thoughts are driving your life determining how you feel, act, and how you respond as a parent.

When you get coached, you get to see those thoughts.

You acknowledge what you are saying again and again in your mind or out loud.

Negative speaking.

So if you are saying, “I don’t like the Mama I am.

I can’t stop shouting.  I get so frustrated with my kids.

I try so hard to stay patient, but sometimes I lose it.

It’s because your thoughts and your words are on auto pilot inside your brain repeating the same story of defeat, annoyance, and overwhelm.

Renewed Mama Coaching helps you learn to manage your mind and the words you speak.

Get coached.

You’ll be blown away at the changes in your parenting.

You’ll see how easy and possible it is to be the Mama you want to be.

You’ll put your head on your pillow each night, content, knowing you are a great Mama.

Renewed Mama Coaching will help you to quit thinking that you’re not a good enough Mama, that you are messing up your kids, and help you to actually become the Mama you were always meant to be.

Are you ready to go all in on yourself, Mama?

You deserve to invest in yourself.

You are worthy of the change you seek.

Enroll for your first coaching session today.


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