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What I Wish I Knew as a First-Time Mom

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What advice would you give a first-time mom?  Have you ever said, “If only someone would have told me!”  Well, I’m telling you today three things that I wish I knew as a first-time mom. 

If you are a mama in the thick of it with one, two, five, eight kids then sit back and laugh with me because I imagine you’re going to say, “Yes! If only someone would have told me that, too!” You’ll relate. 

Maybe you are expecting, Mama. I’m so glad that you are listening.  I pray these will bless you as you step into the beautiful life of motherhood. 

Push play to this video to hear what I wish I knew as a first-time mom. 

There are Seasons to Motherhood

Thankfully, early on in my parenting, I was given this advice that there are seasons to motherhood and parenting because it has stuck with me and helped me to have a healthy perspective. As she told me, I tell you. Enjoy the good seasons and find all of the good you can in the tough seasons. You, Mama, will make it through each season.  Each will pass into a new season. 

I’ve come to learn that if you can flow or move inside each season staying patient, hopeful, faithful, and thankful, each season come and go with more ease than if you resisted and complained about the hard parts.  Ask for help, rest when you need to, and speed up when you need to. Focus on staying steady and renewed.

You Don’t Have to Enjoy every Moment of Motherhood

If you are trying to enjoy every moment of motherhood and then feeling mom guilt when you don’t enjoy each moment, stop!  Please! 

It’s OK to wish for full nights of sleep.  Hold on. They will come.  In the meantime, give yourself the gift of a nap when you can sneak them in. Spilled milk, stepping on Lego, asking for another snack when they just ate, and temper tantrums….they can be a lot.

You don’t have to enjoy every moment of motherhood, but I do ask that you choose not to complain or whine.  If you catch the complaining replaying in your mind or rolling off your tongue, stop it. Instead say, “I choose gratitude.  I am thankful for……” and name three or four things to shift your mindset to joy.

Prioritize Intimacy with Your Husband

I wish someone would have told me about touch and affection and prioritizing intimacy after having kids. This was my experience.  It may not be yours or have been yours.

Having a baby made me feel super vulnerable.  Our bodies, Mama, go through so much.  Did you know that carrying a baby to term takes the same amount of endurance as extreme sports, like running a 40-week marathon?  It is as if you climbed Mount Everest, Mama.

After birthing a baby and getting the nursing thing down, there was a period of time when touch from my husband was too much.  I felt like, “I had a baby attached to me all day, and now you want me, too?” When he came close, I felt like, “I need a little space.  Can I just be left alone to myself?”  I just didn’t know how to communicate that to him without him feeling rejected.

Coming together intimately is good.  You must nurture this as husband and wife, now mom and dad, as you nurture your newborn. 

Now It’s Your Turn

Share in the comments what you wish you knew as a first time mom.  I’d love to hear from you. If you are expecting, share what you learned from my three things I wish I knew as a first-time mom.

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