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What do Renewed Mamas Sound Like?

Episode 2: What do renewed mamas sound like?

What do renewed words sound like?   The old words verses the new? What should we really be thinking and saying?

Right thinking is the foundation for controlling the words you speak. And to control your mouth, you must control your mind.

Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”*  You are what you think.

This is a spiritual law that can’t be broken just as the law of sowing and reaping or just as when you give first you receive back.  This principle always works:  A man is what he thinks.

So we start with renewing the words we think which becomes what we say because we are living the life we sow with our words. 

Ask yourself, “What is the truth I need to be thinking or saying instead?”  What does renewed thinking sound like?

It is usually the opposite of what has been holding you back.

Push play and watch the video as we look at these words that we are saying as Mamas and how we can speak in a renewed way.

  1. “Too much to do,” “overwhelmed,” ‘not enough time to get it all done.”
  2. “I’m tired.” 
  3. “Chaos”  “Kids out of control”  “House a mess”  “Kids fighting all the time.”
  4. “I do all the work around here.” “How come that maid isn’t coming today?”

Remember the old Walkmans we used to have?  I loved my Walkman! It was bright yellow and waterproof. 

Just like when you put in your cassette tape and pushed play, you’ve got to push play again and again to the tape playing your renewed thoughts until it becomes your new way of thinking.

Focus on that so much that when a lie sneaks back in you can so, ‘Ha!  No way, that’s silly.  Let me kick that out.”  And then you repeat the truth.

It takes intention, really purposefully paying attention to the words that we speak to ourselves, holding it up to the mirror of truth, the Bible, and determining if it’s a thought that we should keep repeating or let go of.

So what are you thinking, sweet Mama?  What are you saying?

This week, would you be super intentional about what you are thinking? And saying?

One more thing!  Go ahead and share this with your children.  Now is a great time to teach them how important their thoughts are.

Ask them, “What are you thinking right now?  What are you saying in your head?  What are you feeling?”  What they think now they will become.

Remember, we start with renewing the words we think which becomes what we say because we are living the life we sow with our words. 

What we think and what we speak becomes our reality.

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Before you go, let’s turn this insight into action!

When looking over what you wrote in your word bank, did you put a heart by all of the words that you should keep?  Mama, keep saying these words!  Keep what is good, true, pure words.

Then did you put an X over the words that are critical, negative, judgmental?  Reject or kick out words that hold you back, steal from your life, and keep you small. What truths will you think and speak instead?

Share in the comments below what you learned by doing this exercise. I want to hear from you!

Words are powerful.  We can change the words in our word bank.

We must change the words in our word bank if we are going to be Renewed Mamas.  Renewed in our thinking and in the words we speak.

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