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Use the Pregame Huddle to Help Your Child with New Situations

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How can you help your children with new situations?  How can you help them to think right, speak right, and respond right in a new situation or challenge?

Sometimes as parents, we forget that our children are experiencing firsts. The first time at day care or school, the first time at the dentist or eye doctor, the first time at the pool or splash pad, dance lessons, the first time across the monkey bars. 

Perhaps you started them really young with being in the pool or you held them up over your shoulders as they crossed the monkey bars, but as they grow older, they begin to take on these moments or challenges on their own.  You step back and let them give it a go on their own.  They may even decide for themselves that it’s their turn when they tell you, “Me do it.” 

The question we’re answering today is how can you set your children up for success when they face new situations or challenges?  It’s called the pregame huddle.

The best way to prepare your children for new situations or challenges is to use the pregame huddle.

Just like coaches gather their athletes into the huddle just before the game to get them in the right head space and to talk strategy, you can use the pregame huddle with your children. 


Before you enter the store, a restaurant, the zoo, museum, or play place, tell them how they are expected to behave.  “We are going into the store to buy this, this, and this. We are not buying treats or toys.”  Then stick to it, Mama.  Keep your word.

“We will look with our eyes and not touch the museum displays.  When the tour guide is talking, we will listen.  We will all stay together not running ahead.”

When they are older, they can tell you how they will behave. Before you go into the restaurant, ask, How will we behave while in the restaurant?  If the food takes a long time to come because they are busy, how will we respond?

This pregame huddle chat sets them up for success because they know what is expected of them.  You are clear in your expectations, teaching them what is honoring for the place where they are going. 

This makes it a positive learning moment, not a messy one that you have to deal with right in the midst of a tantrum while in the restaurant or store.

use the pregame huddle to help your child with new situations, positive parenting solutions, parent coach, Renewed Mama Coaching


Use the pregame huddle to grow mental toughness and right thinking while playing a sport or taking a test. when they are swimming laps and feeling too tired to keep going or while the dentist is working on their teeth.

I remember playing field hockey and running across the field and telling my legs, willing my legs to run faster when I had no more energy or stamina.

I knew nothing of mental toughness then.

Now my son plays hockey and even at eight years old, I’m doing the pregame huddle.  Usually it’s while we’re driving to his practice or game or when we are practicing his shots at home. 

Tell me what you are thinking when you’re out on the ice and another guy takes the puck from you.  Or you miss the shot.  Or you are open and no one passes to you.  What are you saying in your head? 

What will be your focus in today’s practice or in today’s game?  Is there something you want to improve upon?

No matter what the score of the game is, are you going to have fun?

Help them to have empowering thoughts instead of weakening or defeating thoughts. 

Let’s say math is hard and they have homework to do.  Even before they begin their math say, “I know that figuring out fractions can be challenging. But it is real life.   We use fractions in baking and measuring.  So let’s do this with a good attitude.  We can work through the hard ones together until you feel confident to try them on your own.”

Before they go to the dentist or the doctor, talk through what they can think or say to themselves as the dentist is filling a cavity or cleaning their teeth, especially if they have been scared to visit the dentist before.

Build mental toughness and right thinking by talking through the new situation first.


Remember, Mama, if you need help with using the pregame huddle with your children or you need help knowing how to correct or speak life to your children, I can help. 

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You don’t have to do it alone.  It is so much better working through it together.

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