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Three Mom Hacks for a Happy Holiday

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Want to hear my three mom hacks for a happy holiday season?

Watch Hallmark movies, eat chocolate, and snuggle on the couch with a coffee for story read aloud time with the kids while watching the snow fall.  Doesn’t that sound like a perfect way to spend the rest of the holidays? 

I hope that you are having a fantastic Christmas.  Thanks for checking in here even in the busyness of it all. Speaking of busyness, can you enjoy the holiday season with less hustle and bustle stress and more rest and joy?  I think so.  I’m sharing my three mom hacks for a happy holiday season in this episode.

My Three Mom Hacks for a Happy Holiday

Shop Smart

Shopping smart could mean shopping early, but where was I the week before Christmas? At the mall shopping! 

Ideally, shopping smart is shopping early, but we all know that life happens and other things call for our attention. We add more people to our shopping list, and we end up shopping the week before Christmas.

So enjoy it.  The kids and I had so much fun at the mall, but we hadn’t been at the mall for a long time.  So of course we rode on the escalator and visited all of the shops we wanted to until our toes hurt.  What helped us have fun was that we went early in the afternoon.  I wanted to give us plenty of time to look around and not get home super late.  We knew the stores we wanted to go to.  We had our gift ideas already in mind, and we had our budgeted money for Christmas ready to spend.

That is my next thought with shopping smart.  Stick to your gift giving budget.  Know what you want to spend.  We put some gifts back and took advantage of some sales so that we could stick to the spending budget.

Shop smart by getting the kids to make their Christmas wish lists early.  You know when the toy catalogs come in October?   Have them write their wish lists and then wait a few weeks.  Then ask again if that is still what they want.   It’s a wise spending hack (for us adults, too) to wait thirty days before you buy something to see if you still really want it. 

Less Activities is Sometimes More

It’s OK to say no to extra Christmas festivities especially if it means not running around like crazy. It gets stressful when you dash out the door from this to that and leave the dishes are piled high with stuff all over the island and the dinner table. There’s no time to tidy the living room. You grab dinner out because there is no time to cook at home. The laundry is piled up and the floor really needs vacuumed.  Whew!  Did you feel stress as you read all of that?

When you are scheduling the week or two before Christmas, it’s OK to say, “That back to back activity might end up in family chaos.”  You are allowed to say, “Thank you so much for the invitation, but we are not able to make it. Let’s plan for another time to get together in the new year.”

Hooray to peace in your schedule!

Ask yourself, what would bring peace and ease to our family schedule?  Then say “Yes” when you need to and “No” when you need to in order to protect that peace and ease.

Take this mom hack into your new year as well.  Before you fill your schedule to the max, ask “What would bring peace and ease to our family schedule?  Is what we are involved in now worth keeping in the New Year?  Or can we let go of something?” 

It is good to say “No” when it protects your family’s peace and ease and reduces stress or pressure for you, Mama.

You do not always need to entertain your children.

It’s OK for them to get bored.  That’s when they create or make up some of the best games, stories, drawings, and crafts…when they are bored. 

If your children are bored, here are a few ideas of what you can do so that they aren’t always saying, “Mom, I’m bored.”

  • Rotate toys, hiding some away.  Then bring them back out again after a week or two so that it feels as though they are new toys to play with. 
  • Fill a hat with little slips of paper with ideas of things to do on them.  When they are bored, they can pull out an idea and do it.  Get them to help you write the ideas on the slips of paper, so there is less, “I don’t want to do that” since it’s written in their own handwriting and was originally their idea.
  • Set up spots throughout your house where they can do different activities, work on a larger puzzle, Lego in one corner, coloring or train set.   Change them up every few days.  You can get them to set up these different activities as well.  Ask them at the start of Christmas vacation: “What are some fun things you would like to do while it’s Christmas vacation?  How about a puzzle, coloring contest, etc.”  Then set them up together. Say, when you feel bored, here’s what you can do.”
  • It is also OK to say that now it is time to play Lego or now it is time to read.  Now it is time to craft.  This brings structure to your day and gives you, Mama, time to rest, to relax, or do what you need to do while they are occupied.

Need Help Mama?

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I hope these three mom hacks for a happy holiday season help you. Let me know which mom hack you will add to your life.  Leave a comment below. And share this with another mama you know who needs the encouragement.

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