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The Power in a Name

Ever thought of the power in a name? When it came time to name your children, did you have a name already picked out, a list of names to choose from, or did you have a hard time choosing a name?

Each time we went to the hospital with a little list, and each time I said, “I want to go home now.  Can we please pick a name?”

We just wanted to get it right.  What was God’s heart, what was He saying about this sweet child? That was important to us because we’d be declaring it each time we called them by name.

There’s power in a name.  People love to be called by their name.  They feel respected, valued, remembered, and important.

You call them SHY

Because maybe they hide behind you and won’t talk to the grocery store clerk but you’ve told them not to talk to strangers.  Or maybe they don’t want to go into their new church class or dance class because it’s a whole new experience and a little bit scary and who will play with me?  It’s just safer to stay with mom.

You call them shy because they don’t want to give their presentation in front of the class but you don’t know about the last time when someone giggled about their show and tell.

You chalk it up as SHY and you declare that about them instead of saying, “You are brave.  There are scary things in life. Sometimes it feels safer to just hide behind mommy or under the covers, but you won’t know how strong and brave you can be if you don’t face the scary thing.  I know that you are braver than you feel right now.”

Kimberly Muhtar smiling at daughter remembering the power in a name.  She has given her daughter a Speak Life Badge that says I Am Special.

You call them LAZY. Procrastinator. Not willing to help.

Toys are everywhere.  There’s laundry all around the laundry basket, just not in it.  The table needs to be set and they’re on their device on the couch.

You say, “How come these kids won’t help me?  I’m doing all the work around here.”

But toys everywhere aren’t a mess in your kid’s eyes.  Dirty laundry, well “At least I changed my undies, Mom!”

Tell me, what can compete with the IPAD zone?  You notice how they descend on food like vultures after their IPAD time?  Why waste time setting the table?

Now, I’m being a bit silly here….kind of. What I do want to remind you of is perspective.  Sometimes we need to look at things through their perspective.  

We might think it’s laziness and not willing to help, but that’s not WHO they are.  They just need some grooming to see a need and how to meet it.  They need to be taught that there is joy and satisfaction in lending a helping hand. Instead of calling them lazy or procrastinator, let’s declare over them faithful, committed, a helper, willing to push through the hard stuff, persistent, and hardworking because there is power in a name.

You call them ROWDY, HIGH ENERGY

I don’t have a house full of boys, but if you do yours might just be wild and fun and adventurous.  You don’t need to have a house full of boys to have that one child who has no fear, gets the thrill out of all things dangerous, and the sweetest thing to do is to kiss them while they are finally still and fast asleep.

God made each of your children special and unique in their own way.

Your child with a tireless energy willing to take on any challenge just might be a future CEO who isn’t willing to give up and can lead his team with tireless vision.

So instead of speaking of their rowdy, high energy as a negative, call them up to USING THEIR ENERGY TO DO AMAZING THINGS.

Groom them to discern when it is time to slow down and be TEACHABLE and HONORING of what is going on around them or the place they are in.

Kimberly Muhtar is with son.  She is remembering to speak right words to him instead of shouting or calling him rowdy or high energy.  She is remembering the power in a name.


Mama, I’ve learned that when I’m frustrated or annoyed, I’ve got to look at what’s going on in my heart and in my mind, and you might, too.  There’s probably something else that’s frustrating you, and your child’s behavior is the “last straw” that sets you off.   

God didn’t create your children to be frustrating or annoying.  That’s not WHO they are.  So don’t declare that over them.

What are you stressed about?  Are there situations in your work, business, and marriage that feel out of control?  What financial pressures are you facing? 

Could there be lies you are believing that keep replaying in your mind like a broken record and you feel like you just can’t get it right?  Things aren’t the way you planned. 

There is more on your plate than what you can actually handle and then you feel guilty about not spending time with the kids.  Or you feel pulled in so many directions and when the kids need you, it’s just one more thing you’ve got to do. Maybe you’re dealing with health issues.

Is that what’s frustrating or annoying?  Then you take it out on the kids or on your spouse.

Instead of calling your child frustrating or annoying, stop and say, “Mommy is feeling tired or overwhelmed right now.  I love you so much and I want to respond right to you.  Would you give me a moment to myself to think right so that I can speak right and respond right?  I’ll help you in just a minute.”

Or say, “Mommy is feeling stressed right now.  I would really appreciate some quiet for just a few minutes.  Would you be willing to read a book so that I can have a quiet minute to think?”

Could you try that the next time you feel frustrated or annoyed?

Kimberly Muhtar talking to daughter remembering the power in a name and to speak life to her daughter.

What was spoken over you as a kid?

One more thing.  I don’t know what has been spoken over you as a kid.  It may have been any of the ones I’ve mentioned: shy, lazy, procrastinator, rowdy, high energy, frustrating, or annoying or something else. 

Whatever you were called, whether good or bad, I want to remind you of what God says about you.

He says, there are no mistakes about you.  You were wonderfully created, knit in your mother’s womb, in Father God’s image.  Marvelous are you, the work of His hands.  Psalm 139: 13-14  His DNA runs through you.  You are a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord.  Isaiah 62:3-4

He sings love songs over you.  He rejoices over you for good, with shouts of joy.  Zephaniah 3:17

God says that you are adequate.  You are enough.  He said of you along with all of His creation that it was very good.  Genesis 1:31  He doesn’t, He hasn’t changed His mind on this no matter what you’ve done in your life.

He delights in you with gladness.  He waits on high to be gracious to you and to have compassion on you.  Isaiah 30:18

He has called you, chosen you.  He has not rejected you, nor has He ever meant for you to be rejected.  Isaiah 41:9

He loves you as He loves His Son, Jesus.  And the love of the Father is in you.  John 17:23, 26

If you do not know God in this way, as His daughter, no longer a slave, but a beloved child of God, would you reach out to me in the comments?  I want you to know Him as Abba, Father, Daddy.  Romans 8:15

You are important to me.  I care about you.

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