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How Tender is Your Child’s Heart to Receive Your Words of Truth?

Are you nurturing your child’s heart and mind?  How tender is your child’s heart to receive your words of truth?

If you thought of their heart and mind like soil, is it rocky, thorny, or good soil?  You’ll know by their behavior.  How do they respond?  What are you correcting again and again?  Is there willful disobedience, selective hearing, and an attitude of “Come on, Mom. Do I have to?”  Do they want to do it their way only instead of being teachable? Are there a lot of sibling arguments and strife in your home?

You might be saying all the nice words to your children.  You might be using the right body language and tone of voice.  Yet it doesn’t seem to be resonating with them.  Nothing changes in their behavior.  Is anything you are doing to speak life actually working?

In this episode of the Renewed Mama Podcast, we study the Parable of the Sower, the seed, and the four soils in the Bible (Mark 4, Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23, and Luke 8:4-15) and learn how you can nurture the soil of your child’s heart so that it is good soil and freely receives your words of life.

The Parable of the Sower, the Seed, and the Four Soils

  1. Sower (minute 6:07) You didn’t know you are a farmer, did you, Mama?
  2. Seed (minute 9:19) Sow the Word of God into your heart and mind, Mama, so that you think right, speak right, and respond right.  So that you stay renewed.  Sow the Word of God into your children’s hearts and minds, too.
  3. Seed sown along the Road (minute 11:52)
  4. Rocky Ground (minute 12:54)
  5. Thorny Ground (minute 16:48)
  6. Good Soil (minute 19:50)
  7. Apologize if you need to make things right with your children. (minute 26:24)

Let’s turn this insight into action.

Are you farming, Mama?  Are you sowing seeds generously expecting an abundant harvest? What seeds are you sowing? How tender is your child’s heart to receive your words of truth?

No change will happen unless you are honest.  Is there more sarcasm, condemnation, calling them out, telling them to sit down, be quiet, stop talking?  If it’s negative in your home, there’s probably rocky ground.  If there are lies, worries, pressure, then anything you say could be falling among thorns.

Take five minutes to yourself right now and write down five ways you already respond to your kids that you want to change.  What are your default responses that are negative, critical, and mean?

Do you always say, “You must obey me” and that’s not working for you.  It doesn’t motivate them to obey with a joyful heart.

Do you say, “Do you want to see Mama get upset?”

Do you catch yourself shouting across the room, “Stop it right now.  How many times have I told you to….”

Write down five ways you already respond to your kids that you’ve got to change.  What are your default responses that is not nurturing good soil and causing good fruit to grow in their lives?

Now write down how you will choose to respond right the next time it happens because it will happen again.

You need a plan as to how you will respond next time.  What will you think?  What will you say to yourself and out loud?  How will you respond?  Write it down.

Would you share in the comments one change you are going to make?  Sharing yours helps all of us because you aren’t the only Mama who is responding that way.  By you sharing, you empower us to make the same good change in how we think, speak and respond as well.

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