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Teach Children Their Identity in Jesus with Rachel Hilliker

image of Kimberly Muhtar and Rachel Hilliker smiling, two homeschool moms talking about teaching your children their identity in Jesus, Christian mom

Do you want to teach your children their identity in Jesus?

Who your child believes he or she is as a person will inform the decisions they make in life.  From what they wear, to how they look after themselves, to how they treat siblings and how they treat authority.  Their identity will dictate how they pursue the dreams God puts in their heart. Their identity influences what friends they choose and how they treat those friends.  Even who they marry.  There are so many things that stem from this core understanding of one’s identity.  You, Mama, can give them the most valuable gift of an unshakable truth of their identity in Jesus.

Special Guest, Rachel Hilliker, joins me on this episode of the Renewed Mama Podcast to share the beautiful book she and her husband, Ben Hilliker, wrote to help parents and children understand and confidently walk in their identity as sons and daughters of God.  Teach your children their identity in Jesus with Rachel Hilliker’s book called God’s Masterpiece:  Identity Truths for Children.

Teach Your Children Their Identity in Jesus with Rachel Hilliker

image of Rachel Hilliker's God's Masterpiece: Identity Truths for Children

Shop Rachel and Ben Hilliker’s God’s Masterpiece: Identity Truths for Children and God’s Masterpiece: A Handbook on Identity for Parents & Children here.

Use this wonderful resource for morning devotion time around the breakfast table, for summer time fun, as part of your home school day, or as bedtime reading. God’s Masterpiece would be fantastic for small groups or Sunday School curriculum.

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We Bless You, Mama

Rachel and I both bless you, Mama. You have far more influence on your children than you realize. As Rachel shared, “Father God gave you this influence. He did not make a mistake. You are positioned uniquely in each of their lives to plant seeds of truth.” We encourage you to ask Holy Spirit, “What is it that I am to deliver to my children today?” And then deliver it from a place of rest, not striving nor controlling the outcome. That’s up to Jesus. Deliver the word, the action, the hugs, the teaching moment, the affirmation and encouragement to your children. Then, let the Lord do the work in each of their hearts. You can trust Him to accomplish the good work He has begun in them through you.

“He is well pleased with you for being a faithful mother to your children. Well done.” Thank you, Rachel, for these beautiful words.

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