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Strengthening You, Mama

What Do You and Your Children Need Today?

smiling woman wondering what her and her children need each day

What do you and your children need today?

I know it, you’re already saying coffee.  Am I right when I say that you’ve already had a coffee or two by the time you found this blog post?!

Maybe you’re saying you need a bubble bath, time to yourself, someone else to take the kids for a few hours, a chance to clean the house without it being messed up five minutes later.  An in house chef?  Am I anywhere close to what you need today?

Let’s talk about how you can be strengthened, Mama so that you keep loving well and living well.   What do you and your children need today?

  1. Feels (minute 2:07)
  2. Needs (minute 6:13)
  3. Proper expectations (minute 12:13)

You have all of the same feels and needs that your children have.  Don’t ignore this for yourself, too.  Children regulate to your state, to the atmosphere you set in the home.

As you meet yours and your children’s FEELS and NEEDS, everyone feels safe, connected, valued, and without a worry about food and water.  They’ve had good rest and down time.  Their basic survival needs are met. 

This may seem basic to you, but understanding this gave me a practical, more balanced perspective for my parenting and for our homeschool days. 

It allowed me to give myself and the children so much more grace and understanding in the moment. 

Knowing that this behavior, this outburst, this tantrum, isn’t who my child is…it isn’t who I am. They are or I am just responding out of unmet needs or unmet feelings….I’m tired.  They’re hungry.  The day kind of got off the rails.  We need to refuel and reconnect.  Rest a bit.  Laugh or have a dance party and get our bodies moving. 

Then we can come back to the work with a better perspective, ready and willing to learn.

Is this a help to you, Mama? How does knowing this help you feel strengthened?

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