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Stay Calm When Your Children are Not

Kimberly Muhtar from the Renewed Mama Podcast and Jenn Dean from Families Matter Most talk about staying calm when your children are not

Staying Calm is Possible!

Staying calm when your children are not is possible! Does your child have big emotions that come out as temper tantrums, meltdowns or embarrassing moments in Walmart? I think it’s safe to say that we all have if we have children! Are yours slamming doors, rolling their eyes at you, or clamming up?

You might be the Mama, but you have big emotions, too.  Pressures.  Stresses.  Overwhelm.  And while you are the adult, you lose it sometimes, too. It happens!

But we don’t want it to become a habit or our default response. Nor do we want to teach our children to obey only when mom shouts. They are good kids but they catch on fast that mom doesn’t mean business until she shouts. And we sure feel terrible after the meltdown and shouting because we’ve said or behaved in a way that was not OK to treat each other like that. So how can you stay calm when your children are not?  How can you help your children to calm down and self-regulate, too?

Help for YOU, Mama!

Jean Dean from Families Matter Most knows how to help us Mamas! She will answer these questions in today’s conversation.

She’ll also share how you can encourage your children to obey the first time with a happy, willing heart. That’s possible, too!

And she’ll share how to know that you are reaching your child’s hearts and that you are doing OK at this parenting thing! Her ideas for reaching your child’s heart are golden!

Jenn Dean is a family coach, a parenting expert, and a health trainer.  Her mission is to help families thrive. The best way to teach your kids is to reach their hearts, and Jenn helps moms and dads do that every day through Families Matter Most.

Don’t Miss What’s Inside this Episode

Jenn shares her story of when she cried every day feeling like she was the worst mom who ever lived (minute 3:15).

Jenn shares how if she could go back to when her children were little, she’d have more compassion on herself and dealt with her thoughts and her stress. She would have taken better care of herself. (minute 8:25)

Hear two stories of when Jenn handled the big emotions poorly and well! I know you’ll relate! (minute 8:51)

Self-control. Teaching your children self-control will help them handle their big emotions. (minute 19:36)

Get ahead of the meltdown and temper tantrum by knowing how anger and frustration shows up in your body. (minute 21:13)

Once everyone is calm, follow up a meltdown with these three questions. (minute 29:27)

Obeying the first time is a high bar, but it is possible! No more do you have to count to three, nag, shout, or make false threats because they won’t move until you get to 3! (minute 33:56)

Got a strong-willed child who has to learn things the hard way? Jenn shares how to reach their heart. (minute 40:33)

Use Jenn’s many ideas to create moments when you can look your child in the eyes, hear their heart, and connect to help you build a strong relationship. (minute 47:34)

What Helped You?

Before you go, tell Jenn and I what from this conversation helped you most.  How do big emotions first show up in your body? In your children? Knowing those signs, do you think you can get ahead of the meltdown or temper tantrum? Did you have to learn the hard way as Jenn shared? Do you have any strong-willed children? Will you give Jenn’s one-on-one check in moments a try with each of your children? I know I will. Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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