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Renewed Mama Coaching with Kimberly Muhtar

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What is Renewed Mama Coaching with Kimberly Muhtar?

We think 60,000 thoughts per day. Many of them unconscious and negative.

These thoughts are driving your life and determining how you feel and how you respond as a parent.

If you’re like me, Mama, if you aren’t watching over your thoughts and the words you speak, they can run wild.

Defeated. Overwhelmed. Not good enough. Frustrated.

I’m Kimberly Muhtar and those were my thoughts and my words.

I didn’t like the mama I was

At one point, I realized I didn’t like the Mama I was, but I didn’t know how to do better even though I tried really hard!

Of course I loved my children and my spouse so much, but when I was stressed or tired, out came what was in my thoughts and in my heart.

I shouted. Was negative. Complained. Criticized. I put down and shamed.

So I got alone with God and His Word so that I could renew my mind to what He says because up to that point, my thoughts and my words weren’t getting me the life I wanted.

I got coached.

God’s word and my coaches helped me to renew my thoughts and words to better ones. 

Every mama needs a coach. i mean it.

I realized the negative tape that kept replaying in my mind.  I saw how one thought repeated again and again became what I said.  And what I said became what I believed.  And what I believed became how I responded.

woman putting cassette tape inside a tape player realizing the negative tape that kept replaying in her mind.   One thought repeated again and again became what she said.  And what she said became what she believed.  And what she believed became how she responded.  get coached, parent coaching, Christian coaching

I was just so stressed, frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, I couldn’t figure out how to change on my own.

My coaches were like a life line for me.

Sometimes we can’t see beyond what we are struggling with.

It’s like you are on your tip toes, trying to see over the wall you have built with your thoughts and your words. 

You didn’t even realize you were building a wall of negativity, judgment, self-doubt, lies, defeat, not good enough.  

That wall is keeping you from seeing what God is trying to bring into your life and how He is trying to help you.

get coached with renewed mama coaching with Kimberly Muhtar

When you get coached with me, Kimberly Muhtar, inside Renewed Mama Coaching, we’ll take down the blocks in your wall.  We’ll pull down the negative mindsets, the thoughts that are holding you back, and the words that are actually speaking death over your motherhood, over your marriage, over your goals, and replace them with truth so that you can start to see the light shining through. 

So that you start to see the great mama you are especially when you have the tools you need to parent well, to speak life to your children, and to find gratitude in the 24/7 motherhood. 

So if you are saying, “I don’t like the Mama I am.”

“I can’t stop shouting.  These kids make me so frustrated.

I try so hard to stay patient, but sometimes I lose it.

It’s because your thoughts and your words are on auto pilot inside your brain repeating the same story of defeat, annoyance, and overwhelm.

No more, Mama.

Your thoughts and your words are the most powerful thing you have.  Everything you do and the results you create are all because of your thoughts and your words.

Get coached inside Renewed Mama Coaching to see those thoughts.

You acknowledge what you are saying again and again in your mind or out loud.

Inside Renewed Mama Coaching with me, you’ll learn how to manage your mind and the words you speak.

Transformation happens from the inside out.

Your life is the fruit of what is going on inside.  The mouth speaks out of what fills the heart.  Matthew 12:34

So if you want to prosper externally as a Mama, in all areas of your life, your work, your business, your marriage, focus on prospering inside, focus on your thoughts and your words. Focus on renewing your mind. 

We can hop on a coaching chat together and talk through your specific frustrations, what you’ve already tried that isn’t working, and what you can try instead.  We’ll go fruit to root together and help you to think right, to speak right, and to respond right the next time you are triggered or lose patience.

You don’t have to do it alone.

It is so much better working together. Go to Renewed Mama  There are two parent coaching packages available and special bonuses waiting for you.  Book two sessions to get you started and your deepest concern answered right away.   You know the thing that keeps you up at night and keeps you frustrated as a Mama.

Or go all in with five sessions where we can go deeper with what you are thinking, speaking, and how you are responding.  With the five sessions, you’ll receive a Speak Life Badges sticker award book to help you teach your children to honor, obey, and choose good attitudes in a fun way with sticker awards for kids.

Let’s start together today.  Book your coaching sessions here.

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