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Preventing Homeschool Burnout with Guest Rowan Atkinson

Preventing Homeschool Burnout with guest Rowan Atkinson interviewed by Kimberly Muhtar

This is Part 2 of Preventing Homeschool Burnout with special guest Rowan Atkinson. Are you a homeschool mama who worries about what other people think about your homeschool including the in-laws?  Is it that everyone has an opinion about how you should do your homeschool?  What about socializing your children?

Do you take your children to the grocery store and the clerk asks, “No school today?”  What do you say? Or do you need to say anything at all?

Do you need to work to help provide for your family?  How do you homeschool and work? 

Are you doing too much?

Today’s special guest, Rowan Atkinson, author of ENOUGH ALREADY!  Real Help for Home School Burnout, Freak Out, and Zone Out shares golden advice about all of this. 

There is so much goodness in this conversation.  Watch this Renewed Mama Podcast episode now.

Please note that this is Part 2 of our conversation.  Part 1 can be watched at:  Preventing Homeschool Burnout with Special Guest Rowan Atkinson – Renewed Mama Podcast Episode 40 

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Now it’s your turn. Share in the comments one take away that you will incorporate into your homeschool today. 

Before you go, have you watched the first half of my conversation with Rowan. Find it in Episode 40 of the Renewed Mama Podcast. You won’t want to miss it.

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