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My Marriage

Episode 3: My Marriage Part 1 and 2 Renewed Mama Podcast with Kimberly Muhtar

Marriage isn’t easy, but it is worth fighting for and doing everything you can to keep your marriage and your family whole and healthy. 

No marriage is perfect as no two people are perfect.  Despite your quirks, weaknesses, life experiences, and pre-judgments, you can still have a strong, thriving marriage.  Do not believe lies that your marriage will fail or that divorce has to be a part of your story.  Fight for each other and for a strong marriage instead of fighting against each other.

In parts 1 & 2 of Episode 3 of the Renewed Mama podcast, Andrew and I share two areas where we had some bumps in our marriage. We had to work through unmet expectations and miscommunication. We still are working to improve both as we don’t always get it right. But we are committed to our marriage and to each other.

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Before you go, let’s have a little more fun! Grab coffees and take some time with your spouse to answer the same fun questions that I gave Andrew. It’s good to remember the sweet moments, and you might be surprised at the answers. Just have fun.

  1. How long have we been married?
  2. Where was our first date?
  3. What did you first like about me?
  4. What do you still like about me?
  5. What do I do that drives you crazy?
  6. When we have an argument and you get upset, what’s one thing you remember that helps you keep loving me?
  7. If you could tell your ______age you were when you got married____ year old self one piece of advice before we married, what would you tell yourself?

Share in the comments below what you learned by doing this exercise. I want to hear from you!

Keep going, Mama. I know that things may not turn out as we hope or expect them to, but that doesn’t mean your marriage isn’t worth fighting for. We change, we grow. Life experiences move us and refine us, but keep asking yourself, “How can we stay strong and close in this?”

We bless you and your marriage.  Together you and your spouse can have great communication and understand each others expectations.

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