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Motherhood is a 24/7 Job – Mama, You Can Love It!

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Motherhood is a 24 /7 job.  Isn’t it? Mama, I’m certain that you can love it!

You may be in the middle of newborn sleepless nights, diaper blowouts, runny noses, two year old temper tantrums, spilt milk, and trying to stay patient and not shout in the mad rush out the door.

Asking them to do their chores. It’s never ending. So is the not sharing. The days are long and exhausting, and you fall asleep thinking, I forgot to call the dentist. What’s for dinner? I didn’t read with Johnny tonight. I can’t forget to sign them up for swimming lessons.

Wow!  There is so much to motherhood, isn’t there?  Sometimes the days are so hard.  It feels like it will never end.

But Mama, I want to take a few moments today on this episode of the Renewed Mama Podcast to be that other Mama voice inside your earbuds or on YouTube while you are folding laundry that reminds you that motherhood is the best job you could ever have.  You are more valuable that you tell yourself.  And you can love motherhood!


Let me tell you what I know to be true about motherhood now, that I wish I knew when I first became a mother.  I pray that this encourages you.  In fact, I pray these thoughts get you through 3 am’s with a sick little one, or when you’re concerned that they won’t catch up in their reading, or you just wish you didn’t have to pay for another cavity to be fixed.

motherhood is a 24/7 job with seasons that come and go

Seasons come and seasons go.  Even though motherhood is a 24/7 job, it still has seasons. 

There’s the season of brand new motherhood with a tiny baby needing you for everything. Another season is adding baby number two while assuring your first child that they still have all of your love, too.

Crawling, walking, getting into everything, toddler, school time, learning to read…. It’s all like seasons.  And as each season comes and goes, you will make it through if you acknowledge, “Ah! This is the toddler season.  OK.  Let’s go!  We’re going to have a great toddler season.  What can we learn through this time?” You will experience completely different moments and days than if you are thinking and saying, “Oh, no!  Here we go.  The terrible twos!  It’s like a fight every day!  I don’t know what to do with this toddler!  It is exhausting keeping up with her and getting her to obey me!”

Mama, remember, there’s no condemnation here.  There’s no judgment on the Renewed Mama Podcast.  Only an encouragement to you to realize that there are seasons to motherhood. What you think again and again, what you say like a broken record, and how you are respond to your children in that season will help you to win and enjoy your children or will tire you out, make you feel defeated, and wish the season to hurry up.

mother smiling while she journals thinking about her perspective on motherhood  it's a 24/7 job but she loves it  positive parenting renewed thinking Christian parent coaching with Renewed Mama Coaching

it’s all about the perspective you choose in the season

We all see life, challenges, wins, road blocks through our own, personal lenses or perspective.  The reason is because we have our own individual experiences, family upbringings, opportunities, and mistakes.  All of those are part of our own individual story and perspective. 

You get to decide your perspective or how you choose to view the world, your marriage, parenting, your work or business through your own individual lenses.

You get to choose between a positive or negative perspective and being solution oriented or problem focused. You can choose to be joyful and peaceful even in the busy or chaos or the not enough time. It’s all up to you.

What perspective will you choose in each season of motherhood?

Turn this insight into action because you can love it

Now you know what I wish I knew when I first became a mama.  Motherhood is a 24/7 job, but it is beautiful and good.  Mama, you can love it! I pray that you will remember that there are seasons to motherhood and that you can choose the right perspective in each season, in each moment.  And I pray that you will truly love motherhood because those seasons sure do go by fast!


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