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Mama Truths with Rowan Atkinson

image of Kimberly Muhtar and Rowan Atkinson sharing about mama truths from two homeschooling mothers, parenting tips, positive parenting solutions

Rowan Atkinson, author of ENOUGH ALREADY!  Real Help for Home School Burnout, Freak Out, and Zone Out and podcast host of Canada Homeschools, invited me on her show. I wanted to share some golden mama truths we talked through here with you.

Now Rowan asked me to share my story and how Speak Life Badges came to be for her listeners of the Canada Homeschools podcast.  If you have listened to all 64 episodes of the Renewed Mama Podcast, then you know my story.  If you are new to the podcast, please listen to Episode 36 My Story.

So I jump straight to the questions Rowan asked and all of the golden nuggets we shared about mom stress and overwhelm. She shared great tips about how having small children affects your marriage and how you and your husband can understand each other better in that season.

We talked about that Mom or Dad voice in our heads, how to use the scripts inside Speak Life Badges, and more.  I hope that this condensed conversation is a blessing to you.


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