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Is Social Media, Hallmark, and Donuts Stealing from You, Mama?

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Is Social Media, Hallmark, and donuts stealing from you, Mama?

It’s time to check in on your healthy inputs.  What are you putting in to your life and giving your attention to? 

Are those things benefiting your life, strengthening you, encouraging you, motivating you or are they stealing from you and causing you to compare yourself to others, or making you feel critical of yourself and others?

No more letting social media, Hallmark, and donuts steal from you, Mama! Enjoy this episode.

What Comes In, Goes Out

It’s like the rule that what goes up must come down.  What comes in to your life as an input will come out as your reality. Content input equals reality output.

So let’s talk about four areas where a healthy input is vital to you being a renewed mama and living a life of joy, peace, and abundance.

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Is what are you Watching and Reading stealing from you, Mama?

Take inventory of all forms of media that you consume such as the news, social media, newspaper, magazines, blog posts, movies, Hallmark, and podcasts you listen to even if it is in the background like the radio station playing at work.

Whatever you push play to, is it strengthening you, encouraging you, motivating you or is it stealing from you and causing you to compare yourself to others, or making you feel critical of yourself and others?

If any man has ears to hear, let him hear….Take care what you listen to.  Mark 4:23-24

Guard or watch over your heart with all diligence because from your heart flows the springs of life.  Proverbs 4:23

You have to stop and take inventory.  How do I feel?  What do I think about or mull over in my head after I watch those kind of movies or read those kind of books?  Do I still feel joy, content, peaceful after consuming the news or scrolling social?

If it’s a no, then it’s worth kicking out and replacing it with movies, books, podcasts, and news sources that do add to your life and encourage and motivate you.

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We all need time to relax and veg.

Now, I understand that sometimes, we as moms just need to veg.  We have mental overload.  We’ve been pulled in all directions all day.  Made so many snacks.  Walked around in toy chaos, sibling fights, and trying to figure out why the baby is still crying and fighting sleep.  I get it.

Our husbands experience mental or thought overload especially if their work is stressful, demanding, high on the problem solving, putting out fires, long hours kind of work.  We all need time to veg out and clear our heads.

I encourage you to step back and take inventory of what really fills you up and fuels you again during your veg time.  What else could you do during your veg time that would feed your soul?  Can you go for a walk?  Get outside?  Water the garden?  Paint or draw?  Bake?  Swing with your kids?  Lay in the hammock?  Pet a kitty? 

Tell me in the comments what your go to veg time activity is that clears your mind and refuels you.

Is your Mindset stealing from you, Mama?

You know I care about your mindset.  What you think on repeat, what you say on repeat – to yourself and to your children and husband – becomes what you do, how you respond, and ultimately the life you live. 

Therefore, you are living the life you live today because of what you thought and said one year ago, two years ago, five years ago.  Your words steer your life.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  Proverbs 23:7

Death and life is in the power of the tongue.  Proverbs 18:21 

Is what you think and what you say life or death?  Life over yourself, your children, your marriage, your home, your finances, or is it death?

It is vital that you break off limiting beliefs and lies and replace them with truth.  You must pull down strongholds that keep holding you back.  II Corinthians 10:4-5

When Your Feelings are a Big Problem

You know, sometimes your feeling of unworthiness or not enough is a bigger problem than what you feel unworthy about.

Sometimes your feeling of shame is a bigger problem than what you feel shame about.

Sometimes your mom guilt and feeling of not showing up as the mom you want to be is a bigger problem than letting your kids have screen time. 

Your thoughts and feelings around money and not enough money is more important than not having money.

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Feelings and Emotions come from What you Believe

Feelings and emotions don’t validate truth.  They just validate what you believe to be true. What you believe comes from what you think and say over and over again.

It is vital that you destroy arguments or speculations and every high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. 

If you are dwelling or replaying past feelings, negative past experiences or situations that make you feel discouraged, depressed, alone, and sad, they are a high thing that is exalting itself above the knowledge of God. 

We are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, to the word of God, and renew our  mind to it.  II Corinthians 10:4-5

Remember, lies limit you.  Truth sets you free.

If you want different feelings, different emotions, a different reality, you need different thoughts, words, and beliefs. 

Go after your mindset and break lies

The exciting thing is that when you feel shame come on you or that you are less than enough, or you feel mom guilt, or that you don’t play enough with your kids, you get to go after that belief system, you get to go after those thoughts and words and renew them.

You get to demolish arguments and lies.  You get to take your thoughts captive and speak life and truth over the situation. Enjoy this episode about breaking lies.

It could sound like: I see you mom guilt that I am not playing enough with my kids.  I want to play more with my kids.  They are so special to me and I know they grow up too fast.  The truth is that even fifteen minutes is enough time to create deep connection with my kids. 

There is a solution, Mama.  Ask yourself, What can I do about this mom guilt? I can find and take fifteen minutes after dinner tonight to play.  How about I get them to help me clean up the kitchen and unload the dishwasher?  We can turn on some music and dance while we do it.  Then we could play a card game.  I could even get them to water the garden with me, and I’ll splash them a bit with the hose. 

Share in the comments what lies and arguments you are demolishing and what is God’s truth that you are replacing them with.

There is Help for You, Mama

Remember, Mama that if you need any help in this…. You can’t distinguish the lie.  The shame, the mom guilt, the always behind, negative critical thoughts are on repeat.  You’ve tried to stop them, to change the tape, and you feel good for a moment, but it’s like the next moment you are shouting and frustrated all over again.  I am here to work with you one on one through Renewed Mama Coaching. 

Sometimes, we are in the thick of it and we can’t see beyond what we are dealing with each day.  We just need another Mama to talk to.  Another Mama to help us up and over where we are stuck.

Go to Renewed Mama Coaching and book your first coaching chat with me. 

Your parenting, the peace in your home, better relationships with your children, less outbursts and temper tantrums, and a strong, positive truth-filled mom mindset can be yours.  Go now to and book your first coaching session with me. 

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Is a lack of Nutrition and Moving your Body stealing from you?

The third healthy input that you should take inventory of besides what you watch or read and your mindset is Nutrition and Moving Your Body.

What you put in in terms of food and water influences your health.  Is what you eat fueling your body?  How nutritious are the foods you eat?   Are you eating real food as close to their original form, how they came from the ground, as you can?  Is the meat that you are eating grass fed, properly treated and raised?  Are you getting enough protein at each meal to fill you up and keep you going until the next meal?  Do you have stamina for the whole day?   

Are you staying hydrated? 

What is your sugar intake?  Do you feel sugar spikes and need the Starbucks or chocolate treat boost mid-day?

How is your rest?  Are you waking up refreshed and ready to go?  Or hitting snooze and finding it hard to get out of bed?

Are you moving your body or sitting a lot throughout the day?  Do you feel stiff when you get up after sitting?

I know that I am asking a lot of questions, but only to help you to evaluate where you are at and where you would like to be with your health.

Is your Home Environment stealing from you, Mama?

What are you bringing or letting into your home that may not be a healthy input?  Again, consider all forms of media, print, clothing, and food which we already talked about.  All of it affects the atmosphere in your home.

The goal is to feel and to have tangible peace, hope, truth, and joy, fun, laughter in your home.  When you walk in, you feel at ease and calm.  When friends and family walk in to your home, they feel at peace and experience fun and joy. Your kids’ friends want to hang out at your house.

If clutter is overwhelming, what can you declutter from your home?  If the toys are too much, can you add bookshelves or bins and teach your children to put the toys away at the end of the day?

What is one small thing that you can and will do today or this week to have more peace and joy in your home?  Tell me in the comments.

Now It’s Your Turn

I asked you, Mama, at the beginning, if Social Media, Hallmark, and Donuts were stealing from Your life.  What did you come up with after hearing about having healthy inputs in what you watch and read, in your mindset, in your nutrition, and home?  What one change will you make today?  Tell me in the comments. 

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