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Is God Real? Help Your Children See Real Evidence of God

Mom and Daughter at table smiling and writing in a book

“Is God real?  How do we know He’s real?”  Has your child ever asked you that? 

We want our children to see real evidence of God.  That He is alive and involved in our lives.  That He isn’t just God in Heaven who is distant or just the God we read about in the Bible. 

We want them to know that He is close.  He is a caring, present Father God, our Holy Spirit Comforter, and Best Friend Jesus.  We want them to experience God for themselves.   That He listens and answers prayer.   He is in control.  He still does miracles.  He heals.  He provides.  He is moving on our behalf and is working all things out for our good.

That’s what we are talking about today on this episode of the Renewed Mama podcast. 

How you can help your children know that God is real.  How you can help them to experience Him.

Video Part 1

Here’s 6 ways you can help your children know that God is real.

  1. Talk about God in your every day conversations. (minute 5:11)
  2. Read the Bible together. (minute 6:14)
  3. Pray together. (minute 6:31)
  4. Worship together. (minute 7:47)
  5. Go to a good church where God is answering prayers, healing, and providing. (minute 9:28)
  6. Increase your faith by asking God for things and watching Him answer. (minute 13:12)

You know those moments when it feels like chaos has erupted? You feel overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated. You shout out to your children to “Stop that, slow down, be quiet, be kinder to your sister.” I was in one of those moments when the Holy Spirit stopped me and said, “Wooo! Kimberly, you represent God to your children. Is this how He responds to you?” That stopped me in my tracks and I’ve been reminding myself about it ever since.

Your children, will know and understand who God is by what they see in you, in their daddy, and how they are loved and treated. Now no one is perfect. We already know that. But their perception of a caring, present, protector Father God; Holy Spirit Comforter; and Best Friend Jesus is developed through your home life, your home atmosphere, how you parent and how their siblings treat them. So in this video part 2, we are talking about five ways you as mom and dad can represent or show God to your children every day.

Video Part 2

Here’s 5 ways you represent God to your children.

  1. Be Consistent (minute 4:32)
  2. Be Gracious (minute 6:17)
  3. Give Unconditional Love (minute 7:51)
  4. Respond as the Father Would (minute 11:00)
  5. Forgive (minute 14:25)

There you go, Mama.

Now it’s your turn. Would you share in the comments below how you help your children to experience God and to know Him personally in their lives?  I would love to hear from you. 

And if you have a God story where He has healed you, answered your prayers, and provided for you, you have got to share them in the comments.  We want to celebrate with you, and tell our children another faith building story.

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