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How Declarations Renew Your Mind

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How do declarations renew your mind? 

Are you saying, “I need to get a hold of my mind because I have these constant negative recurring thoughts that come up, and I can’t get rid of them.”

That was me, stuck in negative, critical, judgmental, hard on myself thoughts that kept me feeling defeated, easily annoyed, and not at all a fun Mama to be around.

What did I do to get unstuck?  I started paying attention to my thoughts and I replaced the lies with truth filled declarations.  I renewed my mind and continue to do so every day.

Push play to this video if you want to stop feeling tired, overwhelmed, defeated, stuck, and not good enough.  Let’s use declarations to renew your mind. 

We Think 50,000-80,000 Thoughts Per Day

We think 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day.  80% of those are negative and 95% of those thoughts are repeated from the day before. 

Crazy!  Pause with me right here and check in.  Would you say your thoughts are 80% negative? 

Have you ever paid attention to your thoughts on repeat from the day before?  Do you wake up or go about your day still worried about what you worried about yesterday?

Aren’t all of our hands raised? How many of you stepped into this new year with the same worries and concerns and thoughts you left 2023 with? 

Your Thoughts and Words are so Important

Your thoughts, what you say, and what you believe is so important.  In fact, what you think, what you say, and what you believe is more important than what you do.  

Don’t get me wrong.  We care about what we do and how we respond to ourselves, to our husband, and to our children. But your responses flow from what you are thinking, what you are saying on repeat, and what you believe.  

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  Proverbs 23:7 Out of the heart a mouth speaks.  Luke 6:45 It was these two verses that woke me up to how rotten my thoughts and my words were back ten years ago. 

How Our Brain Works

Let’s understand our brain for a minute.  We have two systems of thoughts.  One is your automatic, unconscious thoughts and impulses that automatically come as a default.  We don’t even think about it. They are easy to access and take very little energy to think because they are common and repetitive.

Your brain likes to optimize itself and says, “Hey, Mama, we’ve thought this before.  We’ve experienced this before.  We already know this.  We’ll just do the same thing we’ve always done in this situation.”  Your brain says, “Let’s take the easiest route.”

Anyone relating with that?  Yup, my thoughts are pretty much on repeat. It is in this system of unconscious, automatic, just going through the emotions that we spend most of our lives.  But sometimes those automatic thoughts aren’t actually helpful, are they? 

How We Need Our Brain to Work

What we want is to take control and live in our brain’s second system, which is the conscious dashboard of our mind.  This we can control, and check in with, and create our own thoughts and behaviors in the moment.

But this takes intention, thoughtfulness, focus, persistence.  Actually being aware and determined to throw out the old, stuck in a rut, thoughts and words, and replace them with positive, truth filled thoughts until those become the default.

Any new thought can become the new default response if you are consistent to replay it in your mind like a broken record, you speak it out loud, and you act on it. 

Meet Kimberly Muhtar, parenting coach, podcaster, author, educator, mother, positive parenting solutions, renewed mama sharing how declarations can renew your mind

So How Are Your Thoughts?

It only takes a second for you to 1) think a thought and to STOP! as if you see a big, red stop sign. 2) Acknowledge your thought. Feel the stress, tiredness, pressure, disappointment, frustration, unmet expectations, and overwhelm….whatever it is. 3) Acknowledge the trigger because we will be triggered!  We will have things that set us off.  What are the thoughts and words around that trigger and the situation you find yourself in?

These are the intentional work you need to do around your thoughts and your words to stay in your brain’s second system, the conscious dashboard of your mind.

Why Declarations are so Powerful

From here, you can guide your thoughts to a new place. Life and death is in the power of the tongue.  Those who love it will eat its fruit.  Proverbs 18:21 That’s where declarations and affirmations are so powerful. 

They are your new, renewed thoughts on repeat until the old thoughts and words are thrown out and the new thoughts become your default.  If you are consistent, your brain will choose the positive, truth filled thoughts as the new easy, go to way of thinking.  That’s what you want.

Share in the comments if you use declarations to renew your mind.

Declarations or affirmation statements 1) help you to kick out negativity, 2) reignites your hope, and 3) keeps you committed and at peace. With declarations you can re-establish your focus and keeps you steady. Affirmations help you to operate from a place of victory, authority, as a daughter of God

From Where Should Your Declarations Come?

Your declarations should be based on the Word of God, which I believe is the source of truth. 

Hold up the Word of God to your situation and to your emotions.  Judge your circumstance with the Word of God and what His Word says about your situation. 

It’s not the other way around.  Do not hold up your circumstance to the Word of God and judge the Word of God according to your circumstance. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance says.  What matters is what God says. 

Declarations help you to keep your thoughts, your words, and your perspective on Him so that you stay in agreement with His truth. Mama, choose to scroll Scripture not social or other people’s story highlights until His promises manifest in your life. 

Keep renewing your mind to what God’s Word says until it becomes your default thoughts.  If you do not renew your mind and change your thinking to agree with what God’s Word says, you limit your joy, peace, rest, contentment.  You hinder God’s power, His freedom to work in your life, your victory.  Mark 6:5,6 and Romans 12:1-2

Start Speaking Your Declarations

Then start speaking.  Nothing happens until it is spoken.  Call into being what is not yet there with your words of life.  Romans 4:17-18

Mama, the life you are walking in and living out today is because of the thoughts you thought, the words you spoke, and the prayers you prayed one year, two years, five years ago. 

When you open your mouth, you don’t open your mouth to access heaven.  You open your mouth already having heavenly access. 

When you begin to say what God has given you, His promises, you are putting your faith into words. 

You will also decree a thing and it will be established for you.  And light will shine on your ways.  When you are cast down, you will speak with confidence.  And the humble person He will save.  Job 22:28-29

As you declare it in the spiritual realm, it will show up in the natural.  Whatever it is that you need to change, you wish to change or whatever it is you are praying for, declare it as if it already is.  Declare your renewal as a Mom and it will come. 

Walk Out Your Declarations

Then act on what you think and say.  Get up every day expecting it until it actually shows up in your life. 

There is no limit to the access or overflowing or fulfillment of the Holy Spirit and God’s Kingdom in your life. The only limit is your mindset and your words.

Use These Two Questions to Journal

So what declarations should you be thinking and saying to renew your mind?  These two questions will help you.  Journal through them and pray and ask God to speak to you about them. 

  1. What are my thoughts right now?  What have I thought, said, and believed in the past? 

2. What will I think, say, and believe in 2024 about myself, my marriage, my children, my finances, my work / business, and my parenting?

Remember that what you think, what you say, and what you believe is more important than what you do.  God is going to have you believe things higher than your current situations.  It’s called faith. 

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How Will Declarations Renew Your Mind?

Share in the comments what new declarations you will renew your mind to in 2024?  I’d love to hear from you.

If you need any help getting out of your automatic, unconscious thoughts and impulses and into the conscious dashboard of your mind where you choose right thoughts and use declarations to renew your mind, I get it. 

I know what it is like to be stuck in your thoughts and words.  I have been on a journey of renewing my mind and the words I say for twelve years now. 

It is not a one and done thing but an intentional checking in….Wait!  Stop!  What am I thinking?  What am I saying?  That is not speaking life.  That is not helping me feel better.  What is the truth and what does God say about this?  What should I be thinking instead?

If you are stuck or need help, go now to  I can help you renew your thoughts, words, and responses. 

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