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Harmony in Motherhood

with Special Guest Sasha Star Robertson

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Hear how you can have harmony in motherhood and time management tips in this conversation with Sasha Star Robertson, Intentional Living and Biblical Mindset Coach from Intentional Abundance Life.

Do you feel like you are pulled in all directions?  The kids need you. The laundry is piled up again. 

In the back of your mind, thoughts are swirling around.  Got to make dentist appointments.  How do you get everyone to their activities on Friday night? Must remember to get milk when at the store next time.

It’s a lot!  Is balance, flow and rest even possible?

In this episode, you’ll hear Sasha’s tips on creating harmony in your motherhood and her time management tips for your schedule.

Fire up a fresh pot of coffee and grab a notebook and pen along with your overflowing laundry basket that is waiting to be folded. You’ll learn:

  • Sasha’s schedule tips so that you can stop feeling pulled in all directions as a mother. (9:40) 
  • How balance…or better yet, harmony… is possible in motherhood. (15:59)
  • How you can start your morning off right (18:51) 
  • That a bad moment does not make you a bad mom (20:18)
  • Renewing your mom thoughts really is important (22:18)
  • Why “winging it” each day or going with the flow isn’t working for you?  Why having a schedule really does bring harmony. (26:41) 
  • What is the biggest time struggles moms face each day (31:29) 
  • Sasha’s biggest negative self-talk that she has overcome (34:30) 
  • All about being critical and negative of ourselves as mothers (37:20) 
  • Why you really are doing a great job, Mama (42:05) 
  • The devil is a liar (42:47) 
  • and so much more.
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What you believe….what you are thinking and speaking again and again like a broken record…matters more than how you respond to life and all of its challenges. 

Your default responses can be the warning sign that says, “Whoo!  Pause.  What’s going on in my heart and in my mind?  I don’t want to respond that way to my kids.  I don’t want to get so easily frustrated or annoyed.”

That’s how it was for me.  I didn’t like the mama I was.  My kids didn’t deserve a shouting, easily annoyed, highly stressed, Mama.  My husband didn’t marry a critical, judgmental, blame shifting wife.  What is going on here?  Why am I behaving like this? 

I knew that “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7 So I got serious about what I was thinking and speaking on repeat. 

I asked myself, “What am I thinking about this and what am I saying?  What does God say about this?  Is there a new belief I need to have about this that will help me to be the mama I want to be?”

And I began to renew my thoughts, my words, and in turn my responses changed. 

A Renewed Mama

I am so grateful for that journey of facing my ugly thoughts and words and feelings and forming a new, right belief system that lines up with God’s Word. 

How is your belief system?  It does not need to take you seven years like it took me to renew your thoughts, your words, and your responses.  What would it be like for you, Mama, and your family if I help you stop shouting and feeling frustrated and annoyed and overwhelmed?  What gift would you be giving your family and yourself if I help you check in with your responses and work backwards to renew your thoughts and words? 

Let’s find out.

Go to Renewed Mama Coaching and book your first coaching session now. A small mindset shift can unlock a renewed identity for you and harmony in your motherhood.

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