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What does My Grandma’s Blanket have to do with You?

Episode 14 - Grandma's Blanket - What does it have to do with you

I had a dream and I want to share it with you.  I feel this dream has meaning for you and me.  I pray that it encourages your heart as it did mine.    

In my dream, I was being given a tour of an orphanage.  The architecture in this orphanage was stunning.  The wood work and carving detail was so beautiful.  The windows were big with bright sunlight flooding in.  The rooms were large and spacious.  I walked through a dining room with big beautiful wooden tables and chairs.  Then I was led into the bedrooms of the orphan girls. 

The beds were set up in V`s so that the heads of two children could be together as if to whisper and comfort each other in the night and their feet went out at the end.  And they each had beautiful wooden bookshelf behind their bed that ran floor to ceiling and had drawers for their clothes.  But what caught my eye is that every bed was covered with a blanket that looked exactly like the blanket my grandmother made for me when I was a kid.  Same material. Same design.  Just varied in color.   All of the beds were neatly made and stretched across them was this same blanket.

We even tiptoed past some little girls who were taking their naps.  I saw their sweet sleeping faces all snuggled under my grandma’s blanket.

How is it that my grandma made all of these blankets and they are here at this orphanage I was visiting? 

I stopped the lady giving me the tour of this orphanage and stood in the tall wooden framed doorway because I had to tell her that my grandmother made those blankets.  I have one exactly like it.

Then in the dream, I started to cry. I knew what the blankets meant.   God cares about every one of the orphans.  He sees them.  He loves them.  They are helpless, and He covers them like my Grandma’s blankets cover them and keep them warm.  Not one of those children goes unnoticed by God.

Mama, maybe you need to hear today that God cares about you and your children and your family.  He sees you.  He loves you.  He wants to cover you like my Grandma’s blankets cover those orphan children and keep them warm and safe.

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