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Get Rid of the Weeds in Your Life

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Weeds!  It’s time to get rid of the weeds in your life, Mama.

Did you do any weeding in your garden this summer?  This spring and summer, we did a lot of renovation work around our house inside and out.  We focused mostly on the outside by adding large egress windows in the basement, digging out window wells, and grading around the house in preparation for a new deck, patio stones, and garden area. In the time it is taking us to do all of this, weeds took over. A lot of weeds.  Have you ever had a lot of weeds to pull?

Obviously, the easy thing would be to mow the weeds down, but I didn’t want weeds to grow back.  So, I did the hard work of pulling all of the weeds out in order to get their roots out so that they don’t come back.


During my yard work, I thought about weeds in my life.  By weeds, I mean wrong beliefs, foggy lenses, lies I am repeating like a broken record that is holding me back, things I have grown up with, words spoken over me, good or bad, that is defining me. I asked God to show me any weeds so that I could pull them out and be done with them.

Have you ever considered that there are weeds in your life?  Grab your gardening gloves and your shovel.   We are going to get down in the dirt and get rid of any weeds in your life.  Are you with me?


You know that I am all about taking inventory of what we think, what we say, and how we respond because as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  Proverbs 23:7

It doesn’t matter if your life is going great or if you are struggling. You might be set on growing and changing or in pursuit of your goals and dreams.  Do you want to have a closer relationship with your husband, with God and your children? Maybe you want more peace, joy, and laughter in your home. Then you need to evaluate: Are there any weeds in my life that I need to root out? Are there any wrong beliefs, lies, or negative, critical voices in your head? If you don’t evaluate, nothing will change.


Now listen, in the area around my house that is still waiting for patio stones and a deck, there wouldn’t be weeds if there were patio stones, gravel, mulch, or a deck.  There’s no room for weeds if something better was there in its place, right?

The same is true for your life.  Weeds wouldn’t be there if something better was in its place. It works the same way for your children.  What you don’t want in their life doesn’t have to be there if something good or better was in its place.

So instead of getting upset, annoyed, or frustrated with how your life is going or how your children are behaving, ask yourself and ask God, “What weeds need to be pulled up and out of my life?  Out of my child’s life?”

Ask, “How did these weeds get here?  Where did they come from?  How did they get in my head?  How were they downloaded?”


Weeds in your life can come from how you grew up, experiences in your childhood, in your relationship with your parents, your siblings, at school and with classmates. We can have deep rooted weeds that started growing back in our childhood.

Think back, “Who said this to me and I believed it? Now it’s holding me back.”   When you discover what that is, you need to pull out that weed.

What belief did I form based on a circumstance that didn’t end how I wanted it to when I should have formed my belief based on God’s Word?

What wrong thinking and wrong speaking needs to be rooted out? 

Whatever is the lie or the negative thing that you are thinking and speaking, whatever is holding you back, write it down. Admit what you currently believe.

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Then ask, what is the opposite?  The truth is found in the opposite.  This is the good seed that you need to plant and truth you need to think, speak, and how you need to respond in place of the old weed.

What new truth seeds need to be planted in your life to replace it?

In order to sow new seeds in your life, what new thought will you think on purpose? 

What right beliefs do you need to have to produce new fruit in your life?  What better way do you need to respond so that you don’t keep walking in a garden of weeds?

Get clear on what you want to believe. 


When we first bought our house, we only had a push mower not a self-propelled push mower.  And we now had one acre to mow.  There were lots of renovations going on inside the house that I didn’t know how to help with so I said, “I can help out by mowing.” 

It took everything in me to push mow that one acre.  It was so tiring, hard, and hot. As I pushed, I found myself getting more and more upset.  “Why have we not yet bought a self-propelled lawn mower?  What were we thinking?”

That complaining lead to more whining about the house renovations.

What is the deal with these building permits taking so long?  Is everybody down at the city hall on vacation?  Don’t they know that we need to get a move on with the electrical work and plumbing?  How long are we going to have to keep renting this porta potty since we had already gutted both bathrooms?


You know how those negative thoughts and complaining can just spiral you right down into defeat.  There were several times I cried as I pushed the lawn mower across our one acre. That is, until I finally said, “Stop it!  Stop it, Kimberly.  This is clearly not changing anything.  It is only making you feel worse. You must turn these thoughts around to gratitude.  You must push mow and praise!”

Thank God for building permits coming in because they will and for an acre to mow and a body that is capable of push mowing.  Praise the Lord for a porta potty and being able to pay for the potty service until the new bathrooms are finished.  I thank God for the new riding lawn mower even before it is here.

I began to sing and praise God as provider and helper.  When a car or tractor drove by, I waved to them with a big smile while thinking “Someday, I’ll be waiving from my riding lawn mower.”  And they’re going to say, “Good thing that girl has a riding lawn mower now.”

That, Mama, is how you reprogram your thoughts and words.  You take the negative, shaming, full of criticism, lies and STOP IT!  And you replace them with the opposite, with truth and gratitude. 


Anytime that old way to thinking pops up, catch it as quickly as you can.  You can say “Stop!  Pause!  Rewind!” using a cue word to alert your brain to stop. After that you can say the new belief out loud. 

Do this as quickly as you can as often as you can for as long as you need to until it becomes your new belief, your new words, your new right response. 

Now you can get rid of the weeds in your life, Mama and become a renewed mama.

You can renew your thoughts, your words, and your responses with consistent intention.


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Mama, you know that I am here for you.  If you need help getting to the root of any of these questions and seeing the new seed, the new thoughts, the new right beliefs you need to have, go right away to  Don’t stay in defeat, discouragement, and lies.  You weren’t meant to spend even a moment in a life full of weeds.  Don’t settle for thinking that says “It’s just the way life is” or “This is just what you were dealt in life.”

I can help you root out the weeds and plant good seed that will grow the fruit of victory, peace, joy, hope, life in your life.

Go to Renewed Mama Coaching and book your first coaching session now.  Sometimes, all you need is someone else to talk to and a small tweak here or there of your mindset, expectations, and habits to unlock a renewed way of doing things for you.

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