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Get a Peaceful Home by Throwing this Out

smiling girl because there is peace in her home

Want more peace in your home?  It’s possible, Mama, but before you can invite more peace into your home, you’ve got to throw some things out first.  And I’m not talking clutter and stuff that you haven’t used for the past six months although that would be helpful for having more peace in your home. 

I promise you, you’ll want to throw this out of your home now!  So push play and watch.  Come on in, peace!

We’ve been busy these past two weeks tearing up all of our existing flooring and trim on our main level in preparation for new flooring.  Wow!  What a transformation new flooring and fresh paint makes on an older home.  Our home was one of the first two built on the block.  Now it looks amazing!  I love it! 

Now I know that what I’m going to say next is super cheesy and sentimental, but I’m going to say it anyway. 

I let myself walk down memory lane thinking of all of the fun we’ve had on these old floors…all the things we’ve played, the dance parties we’ve had, potty training, all of the friends we had over who walked on those floors!  There’s a lot of memories on these floors.

And I have felt super grateful for them.  I know the previous owners of our home.  I used to tutor their beautiful daughter.  And I’m pretty sure that they did the same hard work we did these past two weeks and laid down our previous flooring.

I mean on the previous floor you could still see the hopscotch board I taped down with painter’s tape for my tutoring students.  We used it so much and left it there long enough that the finish on the floors came up with the tape. 

And in this same living room, we took out all of the furniture and turned it into a dance floor and for a whole month a dear friend of ours came and gave tap and jazz lessons to our girls and another homeschooling family.  It was our dance floor.

We’ve turned the dining room floor into the solar system with the sun in the middle and all of the planets orbiting around.  Andrew built a space rocket out of a mattress box and we had so much fun learning about space simply because my daughter said when she was five, “Mommy, I’ve never been in a space rocket.” 

And when she said that she had never been in a submarine, we turned that space rocket into a submarine.  And our dining room because the oceans and we explored all of the animals that lived in the oceans.

There’s the time the fish tank filter backed up while we were away on vacation soaking the carpet and warping the beautiful hardwood floor. 

Floors have stories to tell, don’t they?!  Just like the bugs on our walls. 

You know where else I let my mind go as I was pulling up the old flooring?  Just as I remove these old boards and throw them out, I want to throw out any and all of the negativity, frustration, overwhelm, criticism, offence, tiredness, self-imposed pressure, stress, and shame that ever lived here….that I let take up residence here in our home and in my life. 

Throw it out

Goodbye negativity, frustration, overwhelm, criticism, offence, tiredness, self-imposed pressure, stress, and shame.  I partnered with you for way too long.  You don’t belong here anymore.  So long.  Don’t come back now, you hear!

How about you?  What garbage because that’s what negativity, frustration, overwhelm, criticism, offence, tiredness, pressure, stress, and shame is, garbage.  What garbage do you need to throw out of your home?

It is so easy to let it creep into our homes.  We need to be on guard, watchful, like the door keeper in our home and when we see it creeping in we say, “No, way!  You don’t belong here.” And slam the door shut!

And as the new floors were laid, I prayed that peace, joy, fun, laughter, partnership, teamwork, abundance, time is on our side, wisdom and favour would be laid down.  These would be the sturdy foundation our feet walk on.  This is the atmosphere that remains in our home. 

And when friends and family step into our home, they sense, they feel the joy, peace, fun, laughter, acceptance, and they take it with them too like when you leave Subway or McDonalds with the smell of food on your clothes.

You may say that it is symbolic and while it is, we are told in the Bible to put off and put on.  This is found in Ephesians 4:22-32.  In reference to your former manner of life (this is referring to your old nature prior to salvation), you lay aside the old self which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit.  And that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind and put on the new self which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth. 

I explain this to my children that as they take off dirty clothes from playing outside and put on new clean ones, they take off their whining or temper tantrum or not sharing and put on the opposite which would be joy, gratitude, sharing, and kindness.

Mama, you can do the same in your home and in your life.  And you can help your children learn to do the same.  Put off or throw out the old ways or attitudes or beliefs that are holding you back and put on or welcome in what is good, true, right, lovely, pure.  Philippians 4:8.

The great news is that you don’t have to get all new floors like we did to put off or throw out the old and welcome in the new!

Here’s how you do it.

1. Acknowledge it – I see you….fill in whatever lie or atmosphere you are sensing or feeling or know to be in your home.  For example: I see you overwhelm. I see you big long to do list that just never seems to end.

I see you judgment…Wow.  What that person said about me was piercing…so hurtful.  Mama, I know of something that is quicker, sharper than any two edged sword. It’s the Word of God, so let’s fill that pierce wound with God’s truth so that you will not be swayed by someone else’s words and judgment.

2. Renounce it – I refuse to partner with you overwhelm and I send you back to hell where you belong.

I refuse to partner with you judgment and I send you back.

This renouncing is a conscious act of the mind, will, and emotions to not wallow or give in to the feelings…to the judgment, overwhelm, negativity, complaining spirit that you hear from your toddler. You know it’s true Mama.  You are stronger than you think to renounce it and refuse to partner with it.

3. Replace it with God’s truth, whatever is opposite to the enemies lies.

Forgive me, Father for partnering with ___name it_____.  I hand You any lies I am believing or have believed about it. I invite You to release ___ name God’s truth___, whatever is opposite to the enemies lies.

Then get up and walk that new belief out in your actions.  Keep your focus on God’s truth.  That’s how you throw out whatever is the garbage or junk atmosphere or beliefs that are lingering in your home and in your life. 

Now you know, Mama.

What do you need to throw out so that you can have more peace in your home?

Tell me in a voice message using the recording app found on the main page of  I want to hear from you….and tell me how the peace in your home returns.

I bless you, Mama.  Your home is full of peace.  It’s because you feel, sense, see, and hear what is going on and what the enemy is speaking.  You know what garbage to throw out.  You have the gift of discernment like the door keeper of your home that spots the lies and deception and says, “No, way!  You don’t belong here.” And slam the door shut!  You go, Mama!

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