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Deep-Seated Lies

Kimberly Muhtar with finger on chin wondering about Deep-Seated Lies in her life.  Holding a Speak Life Badge that says I speak the truth.

Deep-seated lies. What are they?  Deep-seated lies are a false feeling, a false belief, a false mindset, a false statement that is difficult to change because it has been there for a long time.  It is deeply seated in you.

You may not even realize you are believing this lie.  It’s just your way of thinking, speaking and responding and feels as though it has always been.

It could be deep-seated fear, hatred, anger, or resentment – deep-seated bitterness, disappointment, lost hope, false expectations.

Lies originate with the devil.  He is the source of all lies.  John 8:44  He seeks to “steal, kill, and destroy.”   John 10:10 The devil wants you to feel lonely, separated, and inadequate.  He wins if he can hold you back, keep you stuck, trapped, and without hope.

But we have Jesus!  He is my prince of peace.  He is my victory.  Is He yours?  He came that you might have life and might have it abundantly.  John 10:10 He crushes satan under His feet.  Romans 16:20 Jesus is your Mediator, Who stands by you side and silences the accuser.  I John 2:1

You can overcome the enemy because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  I John 4:4

Now, we know that the enemy, satan, is always working against God.  satan knows God’s truth and he is happy to broadcast into the world and into your life all opposite or opposing messages of darkness.

God’s truth is peace, perfect peace, confident, steady, in Him no matter what is going on around us.  The enemy broadcasts chaos and fear.  If you sense fear rising up in you, you are listening to the enemy’s broadcast.

God’s truth is prosperity and abundant provision in His Kingdom.  As a daughter of God, the King, all of your needs are met.  The enemy will broadcast poverty and not having enough.  If you catch yourself saying, ‘I don’t have enough to pay for…..” you are listening to the enemy’s broadcast. 

You most stop yourself and say, “Wait!  Provided for is who I am.  I am a daughter of God.  He will meet all of my needs according to His riches in glory.” Philippians 4:19

God’s truth is unity.  Living, working, and being together with all of our different personalities, likes, dislikes, in unity.  The enemy broadcasts offence and division.  If you find yourself quickly offended, you are listening to the enemy’s broadcast.

Do you see how satan broadcasts the opposite to God’s truth?

So when you look at your life with the goal in mind of being a Renewed Mama, thinking right, speaking right, responding right, you can ask yourself, is there anything in my life that is stealing, killing, and destroying?

Do you want more joy?  What is stealing your joy?

Do you want more patience?  What is zapping your patience away? 

It is not your children.  They are not to blame.  You may need help to improve your parenting so that you have more patience and respond with less anger, shouting, and frustration.

Do you feel like you are failing as a mom, don’t play enough with your children, aren’t living up to the kind of mom you saw in your mother, house isn’t tidy enough….all of these are lies that are stealing, killing, and destroying your joy, your victory, living in the moment with your family, and your peace.

So how do you identify a deep-seated lie, root it out, remove it, and exchange it for God’s truth?

In Episode 38 of the Renewed Mama Podcast, I shared about going fruit to root.  I gave you several questions you can ask yourself and Holy Spirit in order to uncover deep-seated lies in your life.  You’ve got to do this with God as your Father, Daddy; Jesus as your friend; and Holy Spirit as your Comforter. 

Let’s go over it a bit more now.

Holy Spirit, what lies, what ungodly mindset(s) am I believing that is stealing, killing, destroying my life?

“Holy Spirit, I give You permission to point out these deep-seated lies in my life and why they are there.  I trust you, Holy Spirit because You are good and You want me to win at life.  I want to think right, to speak right, and to respond right.  I want to walk in freedom.”

Ask Holy Spirit, where did I first think or learn this lie?  When did I first believe this lie that created this mindset? 

Who do I need to forgive for first teaching me this lie?

Most times, this goes all the way back to your childhood through something spoken over you, how you were treated, what you saw in your parents, what you learned or experienced in the classroom or on the playground.

Tell Holy Spirit, “I hand you this lie I’ve been believing because of……(the root).  Forgive me for partnering with it, for agreeing with it.”

Would You remove all ungodly mindsets attached to this lie? 

Holy Spirit, would You remove any harm this has caused my children, my husband, or others?

What is the truth You want to show me to replace this lie?  I choose to focus on what God says about this.

Your 911 Plan for Victory

Now you need a plan so the next time you feel triggered in this way or these deep-seated lies come back to taunt you, you will think and say the right thing and will respond in the right way. I call it a 911 plan just like you have an emergency plan for escaping in the event of a fire. This is your 911 plan for victory.

Write it down on an index card, a note on your phone, or in your journal.

Kimberly Muhtar writing her 911 plan:  Here's the trigger.  I will think these new right thoughts.  I will say these new right words.  I will respond in this new way.

Here’s the trigger______________

I will think___What will be your new, right way of thinking?_______

I will say ____What will be your new, right words to say?______

I will respond by______How will you respond now?________

Teach this 911 plan to your children.  They can ask Holy Spirit all of these same questions, get to the root of any deep-seated lies they are believing, and replace them with God’s truth.  What an amazing way to equip them at a young age to think right, to speak right, and to respond right!

Be sure to thank Holy Spirit for healing your heart, for renewing your mind, for showing you His truth in this area of your life.  Thank Him for victory!  For freedom!

Go through these same questions each time you spot anything in your life that steals, kills, or destroys.  I know that you will do the work because you want to be a Renewed Mama in all areas of your life.

Kimberly Muhtar reading from the Speak Life Badges sticker award book called I Am Special.

Remember This

No matter what your circumstances say, you must resist the enemy’s perspective and remain focused on what God says.  As a daughter of God, you are protected, covered under the authority of the Lamb’s blood, Jesus’ blood shed for you on the cross.  satan is forced to pass over you.  Exodus 12:22-23 To flee from you.  James 4:7

If you stay rooted in His Word, the Bible, always pursuing His thoughts, His words of truth, you will stay renewed and victorious.  It’s when you take your eyes off Jesus and you stop guarding your thoughts, the words you speak, and how you respond, you give satan permission to step in and taunt you with lies.  Stand guard, Mama.

Go Deeper with these Resources

For more on how to disempower lies and to experience healing and deliverance in every area of life, read:

Dawn De Silva Shifting Atmospheres and SOZO: Saved, Healed, Delivered.  A Journey into Freedom with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Now it’s your turn. Share in the comments or message me what deep-seated lies you are breaking free from and the truth that you are replacing it with.  

You are important to me.  If you need help further in this, leave a comment and we can hop on a zoom call and go fruit to root together.  I care about you and want you to walk in the victory God has for you. 

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