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Can You Spot a Lie?

Can you spot a lie? Kimberly Muhtar from the Renewed Mama Podcast asks you as she is holding a Speak Life Badge that says: I Speak the Truth

Can you spot a lie? Steve Backlund from Igniting Hope Ministries says that “Every area of our lives that is not glistening with hope means we are believing a lie somewhere.” 

I appreciate Steve Backlund’s words, “glistening with hope” because I know that he is intentional with his words.  I picture a mirror or something made of glass glistening in the sun.  It makes you squint because it’s so bright and reflective. 

Glistening Hope

That’s Hope.  When was the last time you stopped what you were doing in your day and said, “I have hope, glistening hope, in this area of my life.” Not me! So I appreciate his reminder to do so with his word choice, glistening hope.

Now that means that in your home, your health, for your children, your parenting, your marriage, your work or business, you have eager, positive, expectations and belief for good, success, growth, joy, abundance, favor, and unity.  Hope is bright and reflective in all areas of your life.

That said, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have challenges or things that trip you up or catch you by surprise. 

Sometimes things happen like a child gets sick.  Potty training takes way longer than you hoped.  A vacation doesn’t go as you planned.  The dryer breaks and there isn’t enough money yet to replace it.

Maybe you are feeling unmotivated or putting off a task.  Maybe you feel bored in an area of your life.

Even in the midst of those moments, ask yourself, “Do I still have glistening hope in this area of my life?  Do I believe that it will all turn out for good?  Do I trust that?”

Believing a Lie

If not then you have to ask yourself, “Am I believing a lie in this moment because I don’t feel hopeful or joyful right now?”

Let’s do the work together of spotting these lies and kicking them out and replacing them with truth!  You and I need hope and want hope in our home, for our children, our parenting, our marriage, and our work or business.  Push play on this episode of the Renewed Mama Podcast to help you spot lies in your life.

What do Lies we think or say sound like?

  • This is taking way too long.  This will never get done.
  • She will always be behind in her reading.
  • It feels like we just can’t get ahead.
  • I am always late.  It’s like time is not on my side.
  • I feel so alone.  Am I the only one who deals with this?  There is no one to talk to. 
  • It feels like there is no solution here.  How will we get out of this hole?
  • It’s like I’ll never sleep through the night again.  One of the kids is always coming to the bed.

Have you thought or said or felt any of those before?  My hand raised!

If so, when that thought comes to mind or you say it out loud, stop and say, “O really?  Is that actually true?” 

You might say, “Yes, I sure feel like it is in this moment.” 

Remember, it’s OK to feel all the feels.  Emotions are like the engine light that comes on in your car.  You don’t ignore the feelings and emotions and the tears, but you do something about them. Just as you would get the car looked at to find out why the engine light came on, in your own life, become self-aware, checking in with yourself to discover what’s really going on. In this case, what lie you are believing?

husband and wife talking together

The Truth

If you asked a friend or your spouse or a coach or another Renewed Mama like me who can step back and look at your life without all of the feelings and emotions and pressures, what would they say is the truth?

Would they say:

I know it feels like it’s taking way too long and that it will never get done, but someday, you’re going to be on the other side of the fence having done it and feeling so good about what you’ve accomplished.  And look at all that you are learning and how you are growing in the process.  I see you stronger today than when you first started.

Would they say:

I understand if it seems like she’ll always be behind in her reading, but look how far she’s come already.  It may take just a little extra practice and patience.  What matters is that she is still trying.  She’ll get it at her own pace.

 Would they say:

I’ve been there. I get what you are feeling right now when it feels like you just can’t get ahead.  Sometimes our finances fluctuate.  I know that you haven’t been frivolous with your spending. What one small change can you make today that will help you take a tiny step toward getting out of the hole?

Would they say:

Time is on your side, my friend.  Could you be doing too much that has you running late so much?  Can you set a timer for yourself to help you get out the door on time?

Would they say:

I have felt alone, too.  Exactly as you feel now….Am I the only one who deals with this?  But you are not.  You are surrounded with more moms than you know who have felt all that you have and have come out the other side.  You will, too.  How can I help you?

Would they say:

There is a solution here.  You may not know what it is yet, but it’ll come.  I know God shows up.  He answers.  He helps when we need Him.

Would they say:

You will sleep through the night again, Mama.  I promise and it’s wonderful!  Let’s brainstorm together what you can try to help your children enjoy sleeping in their beds, too.

lady smiling with coffee mug in her hand

Ask for Help to See the Truth

Sometimes you need another person to speak that glistening hope over your situation. 

If you need another Mama to chat with, to be that friend when you don’t know what is the truth to think and to speak.  If you can’t see past the current situation you are in and if there is any hope that you’ll get to the other side, contact me.  Record your question as a voice message on the main page and let’s hop on a Zoom conversation and talk through spotting that lie.  You don’t have to go it alone.  I am here for you.

Sometimes you just need to take a bubble bath, get a good night’s rest, or take a walk to clear your head.  Then you are in a better place to step back and spot the lie and know the truth to replace it with.

Even more importantly, you can ask God, “What do you say about this? What is Your truth for how I’m feeling and what I’m facing right now?”  He will speak to you if you ask Him to.

If you need help evaluating your thoughts and figuring out what is the truth you should be thinking and speaking, download my free “What’s in Your Word Bank?” guide.

This free guide will help you brain dump all of your thoughts and words you say and then you can hold the binoculars up to them and spot what belongs in the lie garbage can and what is the truth to think and speak instead.

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Goodbye, Lie! Hello, Truth!

When you spot a lie, toss it out.  Don’t continue thinking it.  You are in control of your thoughts and the words you speak. Say, “No, I don’t want to think this.  This is a lie.  I choose to think this truth instead.”

What if you see the truth about the situation you are in, but you have a hard time believing it?  You can’t help but think, “Who am I kidding?”

It’s OK to say, “I’m having a hard time believing this declaration because my past experiences say…..

But I’m coming to learn that ___the truth is__.  And then speak the truth.

So I’m attaching new faith, a renewed faith, glistening hope, in this area of my life.

I believe __and then speak the truth__.”

woman writing in her journal coffee cup in hand

Hold on to the truth, Mama.  Think it.  Speak it.  Say it as you smile at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a high five.  Write it in your journal.  Write yourself an “I believe…..”note and hang it around your house or carry it in your pocket. 

Anytime that lie tries to come back in, to tease you….kick it out! Repeat the truth.  Act on the truth.  Your goal is to let the truth take root in your heart and mind until you know that you know that you know it is the truth.  It will become your new belief. 

Before you go, tell me the lies you’ve spotted in your life and the truth you are replacing them with.  I’d love to hear from you.

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