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Calling Children Up and Not Out

Episode 4: Calling Children Up and Not Out

“Haven’t I told you already to stop jumping off the couch?”

“Can you just sit down?  Use inside voices.  It’s so noisy in here.  I can’t hear myself think.”

“What are you doing to your sister?  Stop pulling her hair.”

“Slow down.  Stop running.  If you need to run around, go outside.”

“How many times have I told you to pick up these Legos.  I’m tired of stepping on them.”

Mama, did we just step into your home or mine?  Cause I have said all of those before!

Everyday kids get called out.  Be quiet.  Sit down.  Slow down.  What are you doing to your sister?  Why can’t you share?

They get called OUT for what they didn’t do right.  How they didn’t fall in line, follow directions, and perform.

I want to challenge you, Renewed Mama to instead, call them UP, not Out.  Call them up to a higher standard.  Call them up to greatness.


Instead of putting them down, say: “I love you and I see a lot in you. I’m calling you UP to a new way of responding. 
Thank you for listening when it’s time to listen.  Thank you for talking when it’s time to talk. 
And thank you for putting your hands to work when it’s time to get the job done.”

As Moms, Dads, Educators, and Coaches, we can be intentional about the words we choose to say to our children and students. 

Calling them OUT invites negativity, criticism, and shame.  On the other hand, calling them UP to more, to all that they were meant to be, invites hope, belief, and blessings for their future.

So what does calling them Up sound like?  What should you be saying instead? Watch this video podcast as we talk about obedience, whining and complaining, diligence, and high energy,


They are valuable. They can make right decisions. You know that they can follow through. They can lend a helping hand, and they can share.

Why is it that sometimes it’s easier to focus on your children’s issues than looking for and pointing out what can be admired about them, the gold?

It is not your responsibility to fix people, but you might find that as you celebrate the gold in them, fully without conditions, they will want to work on their issues.

So keep looking for the gold in people and tell them it’s there just waiting to get out. You don’t know what one word of encouragement you share can be the life and hope they need to keep going. 

Would you share in the comments below when someone has called out the gold in your life and it was exactly what you needed to keep going?  Who will you intentionally chose today to call up?   

I want to hear from you.

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