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8 Things You’d Never Guess about Bedtime Exhaustion

Mama, you’ve been up early before the kids.  You’ve worked hard all day. You’ve changed diapers. Made lots of snacks.  Maybe you are potty training.  You’ve read stories, tackled algebra, and stepped on Legos.  You took the kids to the park, made dentist appointments, and tried to squeeze in an hour or two to work on your business or have your own mom time.

Now it’s 5-7 pm. You’ve been with the kids all day or you’re getting home from work.  Soon your husband will be getting home from work, too.  Time to make dinner.  Then you’ve got to run one child to hockey or dance or soccer practice.  There’s homework to do.  You should read with the kids for 15 minutes.  They need baths. 

The day has been long and everyone is a little bit tired, irritable, and whiny. Some call it Arsenic Hour or Witching Hour….that 5-7 pm time frame when children seem to have the most meltdowns.

You are tired, too!  Exhausted actually.  Mama, don’t give in to bedtime exhaustion.

In this episode of the Renewed Mama podcast, we are talking about how you can still stay renewed and have a peaceful bedtime evening routine. They don’t have to be full of meltdowns.

Here’s the eight things that you’d never guess about bedtime exhaustion:
❤️  There’s a disconnect between you and your children. (minute 3:37) 

❤️ They are tired and hungry. (minute 4:09)

❤️  Your children know when you are tired, too. (minute 4:33)

❤️  Playing on devices or scrolling social doesn’t actually minimize the 5-7 pm meltdowns! (minute 5:07)

❤️  Don’t dial for takeout again. Your dinner can be yummy, nutritious, homemade and eaten by all! (minute 10:33)

❤️  You need a bedtime routine. (minute 15:26)

❤️ Bedrooms are meant to be safe havens. (minute 18:00)

❤️ Mom and Dad, keep sexual intimacy top priority inside your marriage. (minute 18:56) You and your husband were meant to have a fun, pursuing, nurturing, honoring, thriving sex life.  But you’ve got to prioritize it.  If there are little ones nearby, you can grab your earbuds at minute 18:56.

It’s your turn now to tell me what you do to help minimize the 5-7 pm crazy hour in your house and have a peaceful bedtime evening routine.  Let me know as I’d love to hear from you.  Tell me in a voice message using the recording app found on the main page of

I bless you, Mama.  I want you to take time to acknowledge how amazing you are and the impact you have in your home.  You hold it together, Mama with your hugs and snuggles, your sacrifices, your attention, your delicious meals, your prayers, and your never ending love. 

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