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2 Tips to Parent Well and Speak Life to Your Kids

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I know you, Mama.  You want to be a good parent.  You want to parent well and speak life to your kids. However, if you are anything like me, sometimes you get parenting right, and sometimes you don’t. 

There are times when you stay patient and keep your cool even when your child does not and other times you shout.  There are moments you make false threats or negotiate to get them to follow directions and other times you turn chores into a game and everyone works together like a united team. 

Sometimes you feel mom guilt and frustrated with yourself and other times, you give yourself a high five and say, “I’m rocking this mama thing!”

There are two tips that I have come to realize are non-negotiable to parenting well.  Two things that you must do to speak life to your children.  Are you ready to hear them? Push play!

Tip #1 to Parent Well and Speak Life to Your Kids


I know that you want your children to follow directions, to be kind, to make right choices, and to tell the truth. As parents, it isn’t that we ignore the doing and the behaving. However, when you are teaching your children the do’s and don’ts such as sharing, not hitting or biting, and not giving up when math is hard, remember this: What they think, say, and believe is more important at that moment than fractions or long division, dirty dishes, or not sharing.

Your child believing they aren’t smart is a bigger problem than not solving fractions. Your child thinking they must bite to get their way creates more problems than the bite. Saying they don’t fit in is more important than not having many friends. Not caring to help around the house or sharing the chore load is a bigger problem than the garbage not going out or them not making their bed.

Suppose you put aside the frustration or the annoyance in any area of your parenting like spilled milk, or the lost shoe and already late getting out the door, or feeling like you are always negotiating with one of your children, and remember that what your child thinks, says, and believes is more important at that moment. In that case, you can speak life instead of shaming, criticizing, or passing your frustration on to them.

smiling mom and daughter in the kitchen. Daughter is wearing a Speak Life Badge sticker award that says I am Special.  Speak Life

Speak Life Badges sticker award phrases speak to the behavior and character of your children because we want to raise good humans who live successful lives, do good in the world, and live out their God calling.

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Austin’s Kids Club activity postcards teach your children about being a helper, choosing self-control, being a good friend and choosing good friends, using time wisely and monitoring their own screen time. 

It’s the Same for You, Mama


Did you know that sometimes your mom guilt and feeling of not showing up as the mom you want to be is a bigger problem than letting your kids have screen time?

In the same way, your thoughts and feelings around money and not enough money are more important than not having money.

What’s more, your feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion is a bigger problem than not cleaning the house or playing with your kids.

Feelings and emotions come from what you believe.  Feelings and emotions don’t validate truth.  They validate what you believe to be true. What you believe comes from what you think and say over and over again like a song that plays on repeat. 


Your children have a story or a song on repeat in their minds, too. The exciting thing, as Moms and Dads, is that you get to plant seeds of truth in your children’s lives and break off limiting beliefs and lies, and help them replace them with truth. 

Any stronghold that’s holding them back, you get to help break.  II Corinthians 10:4-5

We are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, to the word of God, and renew our mind to it.  II Corinthians 10:4-5

By taking every thought captive, you pay attention to them. You acknowledge what the thought is, and then test those thoughts to see if they line up with what God says about you, about the situation, about your finances, and your work.  If they don’t line up with what God says, it’s your job to kick them out and replace them with the truth.  Or you’ll stay in defeat, overwhelm, frustration, annoyance, bitterness, anger… The list could go on and on.

Remember, lies limit you.  Truth sets you free. If you want different feelings, different emotions, a different reality, you need different thoughts, different words you are speaking, and renewed beliefs. 

image of Speak Life Badges sticker award book scripts or suggested words for parents and teachers to say to their children.


Speak Life Badges scripts will help you to have these renewed thoughts about your children and better words to speak to your children.

And if you feel stuck, like you’ve tried saying all the things to your child. You’ve tried staying patient and calm.  Nothing seems to be working.

Or maybe you can’t distinguish the lie.  The shame, the mom guilt, the always behind, negative critical thoughts are on repeat.  You try to stop them, to change the tape, and you feel good for a moment, but the next moment you are shouting and frustrated again. 

Let’s chat together through Renewed Mama Coaching and get renewed thoughts, words, and responses to have in the busy, annoying, frustrating, overwhelming, chaotic moments.

Tip #2 to Parent Well and Speak Life to Your Kids


Right now, all you see are temper tantrums, not sharing, meltdowns, lying, potty training taking so long, kids not cleaning up after themselves, the “Come on, Mom.  Do I have to?”  But that is not WHO your child is.  They are learning and growing.  They need your guidance.

Speak out what God says about them.  He knows they can share.  God knows they can clean up after themselves, and He already sees the day when they are potty trained! So speak that out.

We are the product of the words spoken over us.  You believe what you believe and do what you do because of the words spoken over you. Are you still hearing your mom’s, dad’s, a teacher’s, a coach’s voice in your head?

You call into being what is not yet there with your words of life. Romans 4:17-18

So, speak out what you believe to be for your child even though you don’t see it yet. 

✔️ She isn’t shy.  Nope.   She is learning how to make new friends and to be more confident.

✔️ He isn’t lazy.  Stop. Say, He is growing in diligence.  Together, you are learning what motivates him.

✔️ He really struggles with math.  Nope.  He is smart.  Each time we practice math, he grasps a little bit more.  He’ll get it.  I know it. 


Erica said this of speaking life, Words seem so small, but are so powerful and can completely change the way we view ourselves.” – Erica

She shares how she used Speak Life Badges with her son.  “Today I challenged Clayton to take a baby step in bravery at the splash pad since he normally doesn’t like to get very wet. I put the ‘I am Brave’ sticker on him when we got home. I know these little word ‘seeds’ of encouragement will grow and help him overtime when he needs bravery in the future.⠀At bedtime, I removed the sticker while he brushed his teeth and placed it beside the mirror. Just glancing at it really encouraged my heart, too, since I had made some baby brave steps today as well.”

Mom hugging son in living room, Messing up your kids?  No mom is perfect.  Answer these five questions to stop feeling like a failure and to gain a strong mom mindset.  parenting tips, parent coaching, Renewed Mama Coaching

I bless you, Mama

I know God is stirring up a desire to speak what God says about your children.  There is no condemnation here; only a better understanding of how your words matter and how you can use them to speak life. 

With everything we hear or learn, we have a decision to make.  Will you act based on what you just heard and learned or leave it for someone else?

If you ignore the message, you may stay stuck in frustration, shouting, annoyance, and speaking death.  Unfortunately, I’ve done that and looked back a year later and said, I’m still in the same place as the same negative, critical, judgmental person inside.  I’m sure that you don’t want that.

Or you decide to intentionally speak what God says over your children, guard your tongue, keep your patience, and speak life.  This is how things change in your home. There’s more honor, your children get along, and there’s respect and helping around the house.

Mama, when you need encouragement and support because you are serious about renewing your thoughts, words, beliefs, and responses.  I am here for you.  Go to Renewed Mama Coaching and book your first coaching chat with me.

You’ll leave our chat having let go of what’s holding you back and equipped with one or two practical things that you can do right away to fix your biggest struggle.  You’ll get renewed thoughts, words, and responses to help you be confident, consistent, and proud of your parenting. 

Your parenting, the peace in your home, better relationships with your children, fewer outbursts and temper tantrums, and a strong, and positive mom mindset can be yours. 

Get it by going to Renewed Mama Coaching and booking your first coaching session now. 

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